V.E.I.L. Customer Services
 (Veil Electron Instrument Lab.)

* For the installation, relocation, repair, calibration, alignment, or preventive maintenance of  Philips TEMs/SEMs and Zeiss TEMs

  (factory trained with over 25 years experience, and specializing in Philips Transmission (EM200, EM201, EM300, EM301, EM400 series, CM10, CM12, CM100, CM120) , Scanning Electron Microscopes SEM500, and XL series),
and Carl Zeiss EM10 and EM109 TEMs.


* Reasonable response time - to ANY country in the world

* Competitive prices:
                   -Short-term contract (preventive maintenance, installation, or move)  

                   -Long-term contract (yearly P.M.s and emergencies)

* Attention to EVERY detail


V.E.I.L. C.S. (Ron Veil) can be reached at:

                tel. (209) 606-6467
                 e-mail: veilcs@earthlink.net
e-mail Ron's pager