Tshirt that reaches over child's knees
Fusible Hem Tape
Rotary Cutter
Sharp Scissors
Pony Beads

1. Fold shirt in half; sleeve to sleeve.

2. With the rotary cutter, cut through all layers, as shown in the diagram.

3. In a smoothe arc at the hem.

4. Vertically at the sleeve.

Make sure that the trimmed away portion at the hem is at least one and a half inches in width at its narrow end, and five inches at its broader end; you will need this remnant to complete the project.

5. Using sharp scissors, cut the sleeves into narrow strips, right up to the shoulder seam.

6. The cuts at the hem of the shirt should be three inches deep. Don't forget to stagger your cuts as you move along the hem.

7. Take the "leftover" from the bottom of the tshirt and turn it upside down, and then unfold it so that it looks like the middle form at the right. Cut this piece into fringe, making the cuts all the way up to the doubled hemline. Snip this piece apart with a vertical cut, at the left. This piece will be ironed on to the tshirt, from front to back, with the fusible hem tape.

8. Starting underneath the left sleeve, pin the remnant's double hem over the fusible hem tape. Pin the remnant across the chest, curving it gradually up and over the right shoulder of the shirt. Continue across the back and around to meet the already fastened end under the left sleeve.

The longest fringe in front should fall just about in the center of the shirt. When you're satisfied with the position, iron this piece onto the dress.

Thread several of the fringes with pony beads, tying a knot to keep them from coming off.

An "un-lose-able" necklace can be added by stitching various objects and buttons around the neckline, just below the neckband.

The boys' tunic is made in nearly the same fashion, but the hem is cut straight across; the remnant is an even five inches in width and, after being cut into fringe, it is ironed on straight across the chest, around under the opposite sleeve, and across the back until it meets under the left sleeve. The fringe at the bottom of the tunic is cut at least three inches deep.

Mustard yellow and ochre colored tshirts will resemble buckskin.

After designing and assembling the first of these, the next ones took only about twenty minutes to complete. Made for Halloween, they've had a long and productive life in the dress-up basket!

See what they look like!

Pocahontas Dress/K-Tunic Pattern ©1995 V. Cochran