Daneskjold Y'We Have Ignition

                       ~~~~~~~   P  Y  R  O  ~~~~~~~
ADCH-Gold LAA-Gold MACH2 TM-Platinum XF TN-N WC
DOB - September 18, 2002       OFA Good Elbows Normal  Approx. 21" & 40 lbs
I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to bring Pyro to the United States.  Pyro is from a very exciting breeding of some of the top lines in Europe.  Her sire, Daneskjold Jackpot IPO3, and dam, Daneskjold Uriel IPO3, have been doing very well at national level IPO competitions.  I wanted a smaller sized, extremely fast, biddable bitch, with a little extra in the personality category - preferably in a good looking package.  I got everything I wanted and more.  Pyro has nice breed type, combined with high drives, and incredible athleticism.  Her food and toy drives are very high, which makes training her very easy and fun.  Her prey drives are extremely high.  She is smaller in stature (standing approx. 21" at the shoulder), with light bone.  She made her agility debut mid-2004, and over the years has become a fairly competitive agility dog.  Her biggest downfall is her lack of desire to turn tightly.  Pyro is a wider turning dog who carries a lot of power and momentum in her smaller body.  Her stride length is quite big, and her jumping style is long and fairly flat - she's easily bounced over 18' with no training.  Her jumping style combined with her natural free running style has produced a dog who makes up for her wide turns with her speed and stride length on the flat. 
Pyro has dabbled in dock diving (in her 3rd trial she was jumping 15 to 16') - with no real training.  Her personal best is over 19' 6".  She really enjoys it so when there's a local competition, I take her so she can have a little fun outside of agilty.  She's also done some high jumping competition - in training she's cleared 59".  She appeared on Guiness World Record of Amazing Animals doing the high jump, and also competed in a High Jump Competition in Del Mar, tying for 1st.  So far she's meeting the expectations I had set for her. 
Some Notable Achievements:
#1 Belgian (any variety) to earn LAA-Gold!!
2010 AKC #3 Malinois - earning her a 5th consecutive invite to the Invitational!
2009 AKC Invitational Participant
2009 USDAA Nationals PSJ Finalist - 2nd Place
2009 USDAA Nationals PGP Finalist
2008 AKC Invitational Participant
Current USDAA Mal Lifetime Top 10 Rankings (as of 7/11/10) - all heights
    #1 Tournament
    #1 Gamblers
    #1 Standard
    #1 Jumpers
    #2 Snookers
    #1 LAA Q's
    #1 Perf Tournament (quite a surprise as we did very little Perf. tournament events - just enough to be Q'd to run in the USDAA 2009 Nationals in Performance).
1st Malinois to earn TM-Gold, TM-Platinum, RCH-Silver, GCH-Silver, JCH-Silver, JCH-Gold, SCH-Gold, RCH-Gold, GCH-Gold, ADCH-Bronze (earned just shy of 5 years 9 mos), LAA-Bronze (earned just shy of 5 years 9 mos), ADCH-Silver (currently the only malinois to earn the ADCH-Silver), LAA-Silver (currently the only malinois to earn the LAA-Silver) and ADCH-Gold (currently the only malinois and second Belgian of any breed to earn the ADCH-Gold), LAA-Gold, SCH-Platinum, and JCH-Platinum. 
2007 AKC Invitational Participant - Finished 3rd after 4 rounds, making it to the finals, with several placements in Rds. 1 - 4. 
2006 AKC Invitational Participant (including 4th place finish in 20" Standard on December 2)
14th Malinois in USDAA To Earn ADCH (just shy of her 4th B-Day)
Qualified to compete in AKC Nationals (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
Qualified to compete at USDAA Nationals in:
     Grand Prix (2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
     Steeplechase (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
     DAM  (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
     PGP (2009)
     PSJ  (2009)
     PVP (2009)
Appeared on Guiness World Record of Amazing Animals
High Jump Personal Best:  59"
Dock Diving Personal Best: 19'6"


Age - Approx. 4 mos - Photo Binns Photography

Pyro - 3 mos. old (Photo by Tien Tran)

A rare moment......she's actually being still!

Pyro enjoying the pool on a hot summer day

Pyro at the 2004 USDAA Nationals in Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Pyro during agility practice - 02/04


Vapor and Pyro in the wading pool on a very hot day.   (8/03)

Pyro doing a jump sequence 02/04

Pyro practicing her diving form....maybe a dock diving dog in the future??

Pyro learning to do the dogwalk 02/04


Pyro (approx. 8 weeks) and Vapor shortly after her arrival. 

Pyro...future dock diving dog...


Pyro on 8/21/05 (photo by Pam Marks)

Pyro at a High Jump Competition Oct. 1, 2005

Soooo Close....maybe next year.....



Kennel Daneskjold