Response to Third Presbyterian Church Session, Rochester, New York, on Amendment B

by Senior High Youth

April 27, 1997

We, as youth of Third Presbyterian Church, are writing to express our disappointment with the passing of Amendment B. We believe that the amendment pertains directly to homosexuals, yet doesn't state it clearly. We unanimously support Third Presbyterian Church Session opposition to this discriminating amendment. We are opposed for the following reasons:


* Ever since first grade church school, we have been taught that everyone is equal in the eyes of God, just like in the song "Jesus loves me, this I know."

* Scripture can be interpreted in many different ways. According to Peter J. Gomes in **The Good Book**; "One has to look rather hard, and with a user-friendly concordance, to find any mention of homosexuality at all. This should come as no surprise, because the word homosexuality itself is an invention of the late nineteenth century and does not occur in any of the original manuscripts from which the English Bible is descended" (p147-148).

* The Book of Confessions, which this amendment is measured against is "historic" and does not relate to our current time period. We feel that few members of our faith would be able to be ordained if these sins were the rule.

* All members should have a voice in the church and its operation.

* This amendment creates separation and segregation in the church.

* Book of Order calls for acceptance of those with diversity and calls for inclusiveness. (G-4.0400 Diversity and Inclusiveness)


We hope that our thoughts and opinion offer you an understanding of our hope that Amendment B is rejected.

(signed by 33 youth)

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