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Theology and Exegesis

"Living into Truth," Dr. William P. Lytle (Moderator, 1978).

"B and Beyond," by Jack Rogers, Professor of Theology and Vice President for Southern California Programs, San Francisco Seminary [Reprinted with permission of the Editor, The Presbyterian Outlook, Volume 178, Number 11, March 24-31, 1997, pp. 5-6, 17].

"Ungored Oxen: The Greatest Danger of Amendment B," by Barbara G. Wheeler, President, Auburn Theological Seminary, New York City.

"A Public Confession," by Mike Bullard, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

"The Dilemma of Defining Sin: a Reformed Tradition Perspective," by Virginia L. Lewis [study materials related to the Bill Youlton contribution listed under "Polity"].

"Practices called 'Sin' by Our Confessions," compiled by Frank B. Baldwin, III.

An Opposing Viewpoint:"A Positive View of Amendment B," Julius B. Poppinga, Elder, Grace Presbyterian Church, Montclair, New Jersey.

Response: "The Issue is Inclusiveness," Virginia L. Lewis, Elder, the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas (and Hesed Moderator).

Response: "A Gentle Response to Mr. Julius Poppinga," Frank B. Baldwin, III, Elder, The Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.

"Adult Education Council Study Materials - The Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, September 1996, with accompanying article, "The Second Ordination Vow: The Primacy of Scripture" by Earl S. Johnson, Jr., pastor, First Church, Pittsford, N.Y., and Adjunct Professor in Ministry Studies at Colgate Rochester Divinity School. Reprinted with permission of the Editor, The Presbyterian Outlook, April 10, 1995, pages 7, 10-11]. [Moderator's note: these materials provide insight into the polity processes surrounding overtures and address as well Robert Listou's comments on the role of "control" in these processes. Read the Outlook article with Jack Rogers' comments in mind. What role do authority of scripture and Biblical interpretation play in our current debate on "Amendment B"?]

"Amendment B: a Critical Analysis," by Frank B. Baldwin, III, Elder, The Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.

"Amendment B: Sanctifying Prejudice Through Legislation" by The Rev. Thomas H. McGloshen, Ph.D., Pre-Presbytery Forum, Presbytery of Scioto Valley, March 18, 1997.

Addresses from the Convening Gathering of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, 19 September 1997:

Welcoming Address by John Buchanan, Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago

"Grits and Grace: Reflections on Mark 7:24," by Susan Andrews, Pastor, Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, Md.

"Pastoral Reflections on Amendment A" by Dr. Eugene C. Bay, Pastor, The Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.

"A Moment for Reflection," by Robert Bohl, Pastor, Village Presbyterian Church, Prairie Village, Kansas.

"Amendment A and the Reformed Tradition," by Jane Dempsey Douglass, Princeton Seminary.


Papers prepared for the Convening Gathering of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, September 19, 1997.

"Fidelity," by W. Eugene March, Louisville Seminary, September 17, 1997.

"Integrity in all Relationships of Life," by Lewis S. Mudge, San Francisco Theological Seminary, September 17, 1997.

"Unity in Repentance and Commitment to God," by Robert L. Brawley, McCormick Theological Seminary, September 1997.

"A Story of Diversity from Early Christianity," by Ellen L. Babinsky, Associate Professor of Church History, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, September 1997.

"Worldview Conflict," by Jack Rogers, San Francisco Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, September 15, 1997.

"Who Will Gain? The Hidden Benefit of Amendment A," by Barbara G. Wheeler, President, Auburn Theological Seminary, September 15, 1997.


Is Amendment A a Terrible Mistake?, correspondence between Dr. Gordon E. Fish, Upper Montclair, New Jersey (Presbyterian Coalition) and the Rev. Dr. John Buchanan (Covenant Network of Presbyterians Co-Moderator)/Virginia L. Lewis (Hesed Moderator), November 1997 through January 1998.

"Christians in Dialogue: Hesed and the Presbyterian Review," Perspectives on "Enforcement" of G-6.0106b, March 1998.

"A Story of Healing," Babs Geminden before Mission Presbytery, March 1997.

Letter to the Mission Presbytery Committee on Preparation for the Ministry and comments on the floor of Presbytery, June 27, 1998 by John R. Gage.

A Journey Unexpected by Margaret Gurecky, Parent and Vice President of Presbyterian Parents of Gays and Lesbians

Reading the Bible: The Presbyterian Way, by Jack Rogers
Vice President and Professor of Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary, Paper presented at the 1998 Covenant Conference, November 6, 1998.

"Enough is Enough" by the Rev. Bill Borrer, Senior Pastor, the Media Presbyterian Church, Media Pennsylvania with a response from Frank B. Baldwin, Stated Clerk, Presbytery of Philadelphia. (Reprinted from Presbyweb)



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