Overtures to the 209th Assembly

Related to Amendment B

[Moderators Note: These are brief descriptions of overtures which bear some relevance to Amendment B which were submitted to the 209th GA (Syracuse) in 1997.]

97-10 . On deleting the last sentence of G.60106b if the amendment passes. Kiskiminetas Presbytery. (Kiskiminetas also submitted an overture to delete the last sentence if the amendment failed.)

97-18. On setting aside the "definitive guidance" of 1978 and the related authoritative interpretation resolution presented by the 1993 representative Committee on Human Sexuality and adopted by the 205th General Assembly (1993) and to approve the following authoritative interpretation under G-13.0103r: "The General Assembly affirms the principles of diversity and inclusiveness contained in the Book of Order and declares invalid any impediment to the full application of these principles." National Capital Presbytery.

97-23. On amending Book of Order G-13.0103r on Authoritative Interpretation by deleting the reference to G13.0112, so that only the Permanent Judicial Commission could make such interpretations in a remedial or disciplinary case. Twin Cities Area Presbytery.

97-24. 0n interpreting the inclusiveness requirements to state that it is a violation to exclude any person on the basis of that person's membership in a class or category, and making the 1978 definitive guidance regarding ordination of homosexuals advisory only. Chicago Presbytery.

97-26. 0n deleting G-6.0502, concerning presumptive renunciation, from the Book of Order. San Francisco Presbytery.

97-27. On amending Ch. XII of the Rules of Discipline by adding a fourth level of censure, "Rebuke with supervised rehabilitation." San Francisco Presbytery.

97-28. 0n adding a new section Book of Order D-10.0204 to allow for procedural challenges to an investigating committee's work while it is in the process of an investigation. San Francisco Presbytery.

97-29. On reaffirming the historic responsibility of sessions and presbyteries to apply the constitutional standards for ordination by withdrawing previous authoritative interpretations and issuing a new interpretation of Book of Order G6.0106. San Francisco Presbytery.

97-30. Amendments to clarify procedures for interpreting and amending the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), deleting Book of Order G13.0103r regarding authoritative interpretation by the General Assembly or the Permanent Judicial Commission. It would allow an interpretative recommendation of the Advisory Committee on the Constitution to be binding on the governing bodies of the church as authoritative interpretation after it has been approved by the General Assembly, unless the General Assembly determines that the recommendation has the force and effect of an amendment to the Constitution. Then it would have to be submitted to the presbyteries for their votes. Also, the amendment would allow any decision of the Permanent Judicial Commission to be challenged by any presbytery or higher governing body as having the effect of amending the constitution, in which case enforcement would be stayed until the next General Assembly, when a vote would be taken on whether or not to submit the decision to the presbyteries for their votes. San Francisco Presbytery.

97-47. On requesting the General Assembly to endorse the "concurring opinion" in Remedial Case 208-4 (Session of Central Presbyterian Church of Huntington, N.Y. v. Presbytery of Long Island), which stated that opinions by the General Assembly and the Permanent Judicial Commission on ordination of homosexuals are not authoritative, and that if the General Assembly wants to amend the Constitution, it is necessary to follow the amendment process described in the Book of Order. Albany Presbytery.

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