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"Enough is Enough" by the Rev. Bill Borror, Senior Pastor, the Media Presbyterian Church, Media Pennsylvania
with a response from Frank B. Baldwin, Stated Clerk, Presbytery of Philadelphia
(Reprinted from Presbyweb)


**Out of Print NNPCW Resource, Young Women Speak, available on Hesed**

Semper Reformanda

Reading the Bible: The Presbyterian Way

by Jack Rogers
Vice President and Professor of Theology
San Francisco Theological Seminary

Paper presented at the 1998 Covenant Network of Presbyterians Conference
November 6, 1998 (See the linked site for all papers presented at the Conference)


presents a Log of Cases and Actions against gay and lesbian members,
officers and sessions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) by application of Section
G-6.0106b (known as Amendment "B" recently added to the Book of Order) and
similar earlier actions. Also recorded are acts of conscience, resignations or departures
from our denomination precipitated by this modification to the Book of Order.


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