Tracking Experience Resulting from Amendment B:

a Call for Contributions

Question: What is Amendment B's impact on congregations?

Invitation: Please share your experience.

From: G. Daniel Little, Ithaca, NY, Honorably Retired


Amendment B on "Fidelity and Chastity" is a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) experiment in regulating part of our life by means of a constitutional provision which declares certain behaviors to be barriers to ordained church office. Many who favored Amendment B assume its effects will be positive; many opposed assume the opposite. Since the way ahead is uncharted, let's track actual experience - from the start.

I and others here in Ithaca are ready to collect and track congregational and pastoral experience resulting from Amendment B, to give concerned pastors and lay persons a channel to share experiences and reflections, and to keep the denomination informed of what we learn. We are cooperating with the Hesed website where Amendment B-related material is already available on the Internet.

If you know of . . . insights being gained, church members being affected, families being impacted, quandaries being faced, parishioners seeking guidance, stands being taken, questions being raised, church officers or sessions engaging in fresh discussion - submit them.

Be brief - with enough detail only to make an issue or circumstance clear.

We don't want specifics which would violate confidentiality. From time to time, we will issue summaries of what we receive.


Send your experiences or questions to:

F&C Pastoral Experience
1. by e-mail to GeoDLittle@aol.com
2. by mail c/o G. Daniel Little; P.O. Box 4302; Ithaca, NY 14852-4302, 607-257-1280

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