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ALL ratings systems are created equal!  Create your own and go for it !
Somewhere back in the fall of 2005, someone posted a comment proposing that one of the day's pictures (a stack of stuff on a cat), should be rated a 10.  Being an engineer that got my brain whirring:  just how does one properly, fairly, and consistently rate a stack?  Since rating stacks was more interesting than the work I had in front of me, I devised a rating system for stack- on-a-cat, (SOK).  Later, with the fabulous photo of "El Gato" I created a second rating system for hats on a cat, (HOK).  Without further ado  ~ ~ ~
How to Rate a Stack on a Cat, (SOK)
Out of a possible 10 points, award:

1 to 2 points
For the relative "Spill Danger" (S/D) of the stack.  The greater the mess that would result from the stack falling, the higher the points.  Liquid(s) in an open container as part of the stack have always earn these points. 
NOTE:  I used to consider the possibility of a lit candle in a stack a "winner" when it came to these points.  (There actually was one in an early, early stack.) Upon further reflection, it seems foolish to encourage, in any tiny way, the potential for endangering an animal.  So even though the last "candle" entry [Attila on 7/19/06] was carefully done, 'candle' points will no longer be considered.
1 to 4 points
The height and stability of the stack may earn up to 4 points.  The higher the stack, the more difficult it is to balance one object on up of another, thus the less stable it is, the more points it can earn. 
1 to 3 points
The composition and creativity (C/C) of the stack may earn up to 3 points.  This is completely subjective ~ what can I say?  I like what I like . . .
1 point
The reviewer, (that's me), at her discrestion, may add 1 point for OKC:  overall kitty cuteness.  I'm a sucker for bent ears and/or curled paws.  [Almost every stack gets this point!]

PLEASE NOTE:  This web site is not  affiliated with, copywrited in 2006 by Mario Garza, Inc. All rights reserved, but he told me it was okay to proceed.

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