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The lovely Bellaprints and I got the same idea at the end of July 2006:  There was so much information on SOMC somebody needed to write it all down in one place.  We both got busy, neither of us knowing what the other was up to.  I think Bella got her web page up first -- that's what I remember.  I remember contacting and, since she had a much better glossary that the one I had started, she kept going with that and I started focusing on CATegorization. 
So, without further ado and blathering, I refer you to Bellaprints' page for the Feline World Federation.   On it you'll find an outstanding SOMC glossary and a list of all the FWF fraternal organizations.  Enjoy !

PLEASE NOTE:  This web site is not  affiliated with, copywrited in 2006 by Mario Garza, Inc. All rights reserved, but he told me it was okay to proceed.

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