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October 25, 2007, a Red Letter Day for SOMC.  Emma started it and the rest of us chimmed in....
Emma contributed:
>.<       Rich kitty (in U.K.)
>*.*<       Stunned kitty
>-.-<       Sleeping kitty
>^.^<       Happy kitty
>@.@<       Scared kitty
>"."<       Double vision kitty (too much booze)
>#.#<       Kitty looking at Piet Mondrean
>#.#<      "oh the squares"
>~.~<      "Im falling asleep"
> ^
. ^
<           Kitty looking at Picasso

Killer-s Marm (O-Fallon, MO today) contributed:
>$.$<       Rich kitty in USA
>O.O<       Intelectual kitty?
>?.?<       Confused kitty?
>Q.Q<       kitty looking down
>u.u<       sad kitty?

laneal contributed:
>!!<        Excited kitty - You have tuna!!!!????
>@@<        Computer kitty
>8.8<       Bifocal kitty.
>=.=<       Kitty warning look.  "Whatya mean there's no tuna.....
>+.+<       Pregnant kitty.
>6.6.6<     demoncat
Doodlebug contributed:

>o.O<       Crazy kitty

  ( x )
  | | ||
  m m mm
    Fixed kitty
>^.o<       winking kitty
>o?0<       Kitty that ran into a wall and got a bump on his head...

or maybe it should be:
>*?*<       stunned kitty w/ a bump on the head
dia contributed:
> <3.<3 <   ....kitty in love!!! :)
michelle contributed:
>X.X<       dead kitty
Meowser contributed:
>^. <       Van Gogh kitty (missing an ear)

finsterbaby contributed:
>.^.<       Unicat

tinabean wrote:

>. <        one eyed cat

 _^ ^_
>>o o<<
== Q ==
     Kitty sticking out their tongue

valeria wrote:
    ^ ^
   >* *<
   (   )
  (     )
  (     )
  (     )
   (   )
 Fat Yawning Cat 


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