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I started visiting Stuff On My Cat in the summer of 2005 but starting around July 2006 when a fraternal cat organization was founded almost every other day it became harder and harder to keep up with SOMC developments.  Bellaprints and I had the same idea the same week.  Someone needed to put all the "critical" info in one place for easy reference because  - look out ! - if you had a busy day at work and missed one day of comments you were lost !   [I also realized I could write out an explanation of how I rate stacks only one more time.]   Things became even more complicated on Sept. 1, 2007 when Mario started posting a new picture every hour.  Good Grief!

When I started this site I decided to keep things simple because I wanted the pages to load fast.  However I started a major overhall in early September 2007:  I'm replacing text links with hundreds of thumbnail photos ~~ we'll see if it slows things down to a crawl or not because the aim is still to get you in and out of this site in a hurry so you can get back to enjoying  place where .  .  .

Stuff +  Cats  =  Awesome !



Wooo  Hooooo!!!   I'm finally done with the bulk of the transition from text links to thumbnail photos for all of the kitty CAT-egories !!!  Small problem, though:  just as I was rounding the final turn on the final lap I ran out of free web space before I could post all the pics for the Christmas & Chanukah Cats..... ARGH! 

But all is not lost:  My ISP (Earthlink!) allows me to have multiple e-mail addresses and each e-mail addresses is allowed a chunk of free webspace.  Thus, the SOMC Companion has given birth to ~ ~  are you ready? 

The SOMC Companion Annex

Who's only purpose in life is to hold pictures for the big CAT-egories like "Hats on Cats" and "the Halloween Edition" which have tons of photos.  I've already established the "Winter Holidays" and it's sub-categories in the Annex and I'm in the process of moving all the pics of Cats in Hats over there too. 


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PLEASE NOTE:  This web site is not  affiliated with, copywrited in 2006 by Mario Garza, Inc. All rights reserved, but he told me it was okay to proceed.

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