A Companion Piece (of sorts) to "Groups Of Mystery" in Issue # 17compiled by JCMarion

Blue Dots - In May of 1954 De Luxe Records releases "You've Got To Live For Yourself" and "Don't Do That Baby" on #6052. In October the group comes back with "Save All Your Love For Me" and "God Loves You, Child" on # 6061. At year's end DeLuxe issues # 6067 which features The Blue Dots on the songs "Let Me Know Tonight" and "Hold Me Tight".

The Champions - In August of 1955 Chart records pushes their new release of "Annie Met Henry" and "Keep A Rocking" by The Champions on # 602. In support of their new record The Champions go out on tour with Sonny Thompson, Lula Reed, and Paul Tate. In March of 1956 The group records "It's Love It's Love" and "Mexico Bound" on Chart # 611. In June The Champions record "The Same Old Story" and "Pay Me Some Attention" on Chart # 620.

The Chromatics - "I'll Never Change" and "Rockin Beat" are recorded by The Chromatics with Bob Williams on lead for Blend Records # 1006, a label located in Long Beach, California. In July the group is on a new label with "Don't Know Why I Cry" and "Tell A Lie" on Million # 2014. In October their former label Blend Records releases an older side "Who's Fooling Who" and "Believe Me" on #1005. In March of 1956 The Chromatics show up on Crest records with "Devil Blues" and "Wild man Wild" on # 1011.

The Dappers - In the spring of 1955 Peacock Records in Texas signs The Dappers formerly known as The Rivieras to their label. They soon release "Come back To Me" and "Mambo Oongh" on # 1651. The following spring "That's All That's All That's All" and "Unwanted Love" are released by Groove on # 0156.

The Delltones - Della Simpson, vocalist with Baton Records forms her own vocal group during the summer of 1955 called The Delltones. In August baton releases "Don't Be Long" and "Baby Say You Love Me" on # 212. The group appears at the Apollo Theater over New Years with The Orioles. In march of 1956 Baton releases "My Special Love" and "Believe It" on # 223. The group tours Canada and then is set for a summer long appearance in Atlantic City. In May The Delltones play Miami's Basin Street Club. In March of 1957 Buck Ram signs The Delltones to a recording contract with Roulette Records.

The Dreams - In May of 1954, radio personality Ramon Bruce then in Philadelphia, presented a teenaged vocal group from that city called The Dreams to people at Savoy Records. Savoy brought them to the recording studio and late in the month the result was "Darlene" and "A Letter To My Girl" on # 1130. The group appears at a July 4th picnic and show held by WNJR radio in Newark, New Jersey. In May of 1955 Savoy releases "My Little Honeybun" and "I'll Be Faithful" on # 1157.

The Encores - In August of 1952 a vocal group from Baltimore recorded a couple of tunes for the Checker label of Chicago. The songs were "Young Girls - Young Girls" and "When I Look At You" on #760. After playing the record a few times on Cleveland radio, Alan (Moondog) Freed reported great reaction from his listeners which caused Checker Records to give the record a push.

The Falcons - In July of 1951 Herman Lubinsky of Savoy Records signed a Baltimore based vocal group known as The Falcons to his label. Vernon Palmer is the lead singer for the group and another member is female singer Goldie Boots. By October however, the group recorded for the Regent Records label with the songs "How Blind Can You Be?" and "I Can't Tell You Now" which were released on #1041. In a case of deja vu all over again, Lubinsky in May of 1953 announces the signing of a new vocal group The Falcons! In May "You're The Beating Of My Heart" and "It's You I Miss" are releases on Savoy #893.

The Five Bills - In early February of 1953 Decca reactivates the Brunswick label to concentrate on developing R & B talent. One of the acts signed to the label was the Five Bills. Within a month Brunswick # 84002 was released with the group's recording of the tunes "Till I Waltz Again With You" (a cover of the pop hit by Teresa Brewer) and "I Can't Wait For Tomorrow". In April the Five Bills record "Till Dawn And Tomorrow" and "Waiting, Wanting" on Brunswick #84004.

The Five Echoes - Sabre records, a Chicago independent label announces in September of 1953 that it has signed a new vocal group from that city. The group called The Five Echoes records "Baby Come Back To Me" and "Lonely Mood" on # 102. In February of 1954 the Five Echoes return with "So Lonesome" and "Broke" on # 104. In September the group enters a battle of the groups with the El Dorados for Chicago dj McKee Fitzhugh. In November The Five Echoes meet up with the El Dorados again at Fitzhugh's new club in Chicago called the 5th Avenue Ballroom. In January 1955 the group appears at the Pershing Ballroom. In April the Echoes join a big "Jam With Sam" show at the madison Rink for Sam Evans Chicago dj. In April Vee-Jay Records releases "I Really Do" and "Tell Me Baby" on # 129.

The Five Owls - In May of 1955 Peter Doraine formerly of the Abbey and Allen labels, starts up Vulcan Records of Birmingham, Alabama. The label announces the release of "Pleading To You" and "I Like Moonshine" on #1025 by a new vocal group known as The Five Owls.

The Fortunes - This new Chicago vocal group win a talent contest held by radio dj McKee Fitzhugh. Thay soon enter the recording studio for Checker Records and record the songs "My baby Is Fine" and "Believe In Me" on # 818.

The Five Thrills - "Feel So Good" by The Five Thrills debuts on the Parrot label introduced by label president Al Benson on Joel Turnero's radio show on WNJR in Newark, New Jersey, in January of 1954. The group appeared with McKee Fitzhugh in Chicago with The Flamingos. The flip side of "Feel So Good", the group's version of "Gloria" on Parrot # 800 is reportedly a good seller in Chicago.

The Four Deals - This vocal-instrumental group from Phoenix, Arizona, first came to prominence by winning first place in a talent contest held by West Coast radio personality Peter Potter. Capitol Records were impressed enough to sign the group to their record label. The members of the group were lead singer Lloyd Ellis, Benny Wilson, Glenn Brewton, and Travis Anderson. The song that won them over was called "It's Too Late Now" which is one side of their Capitol release. The other side is "There Ain't No Bears In The Forest" which was on Capitol #1313.

The Four Deep Tones - In August of 1951, this group recorded for the major Coral label, a subsidiary of Decca Records. The tunes were "The Night You Said Goodbye" and the old standard "When The Saints Go Marching In" on #65062. In September the group was back with a new Coral release with the songs "Just In Case You Change Your Mind" and "Castle Rock" on #65061.

Gay Tunes - In September of 1953 Herman Siegel (one of the founders of the Apollo label) starts his own R & B label called Timely. One of the acts signed to the new label is a vocal group called The Gay Tunes. Three weeks later Timely # 1002 is released featuring the group on the songs "The Thrill Of Romance" and "Why Leave Me This Way-ay-ay". In January of 1954 Siegel reports that the record is doing well on the West coast.

The Griffins - In February of 1955 Mercury Records signs The Griffins to their label. In less than a month Mercury # 70558 is released featuring the group's versions of the songs "I Swear By All The Stars Above" and "Swing To Me". In July "Bad Little Girl" and "Scheming" on # 70650. In March of 1956 The Griffins are moved to the Wing label from Mercury. In April "Forevermore" and "Leave It To Me" are released on Wing # 90067. In August The Griffins are back on Mercury with "Why Must You Go" and "My baby's Gone" on # 70913.

The Master Keyes - In March of 1950 a new group released a record for the Abbey label. The name of the group is The Master Keyes. The songs are "It's Time To Kiss Goodnight" and "Don't Talk Darling". Both songs are love ballads and are styled after The Inkspots and Delta Rhythm Boys. The record was released on Abbey #3011. In August of the year, "Don't Cry Darling" is coupled with "Mr. Blues" on Abbey #3017.

The Mello-Fellows - In October of 1954 Lamp Records, an East Coast subsidiary label of Aladdin, signs a new vocal group from New York called The Mello-Fellows. In November Lamp # 8006 features the group on "Iddy Biddy Baby" and "My Friend Charlie".

The Midnights - In October of 1954, Music City Records of San Francisco advertises "Annie's latest" for the song "Annie Pulled A Humbug" on its label. The vocal group performing the song is billed as The Midnights. A disclaimer in the ad advises readers to the fact that these are NOT The Midnighters (of "Work With Me Annie" and "Annie Had A Baby" fame). The flip side os "Hear My Plea" on # 746. "Humbug" soon is a good seller in the bay area. In january of 1955 Music City releases # 762 featuring the tunes "Cheating On Me" and "She Left Me".

The Nuggets - In November of 1954 Dave Cavanaugh A & R head of Capitol Records, is in New York to announce the signing of a vocal group called The Nuggets to the label. Late in the same month Capitol releases # 2989 - "Curl Up In My Arms" and "So Help Me, I Love You" by The Nuggets. In February of 1955 Capitol releases # 3052 featuring The Nuggets with "Anxious Love" and "Shtiggy Boom". In the spring of 1955 The Nuggets arrive for a very unusual recording session for Capitol. They back up the one and only Frank Sinatra on an R & B cover - The Charms "Two Hearts Two Kisses" and another song "From The Bottom To The Top".

The Rhythm Kings - This group won first place on an Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts radio program and was featured in January of 1950 with a recording of the songs "If I Can't Have The One I Love" ( a few years later a hit for the Four Pals on Roost), and "How Do You Measure Love?" released on Ivory #755. Later in the year the group signs with Apollo Records. The quintet is composed of lead singer Cecil Murray, Howard Scott, Leonard Thomas, James Riley, and pianist and musical arranger Isaac Royal. Their first recording for Apollo consists of two seasonal songs - "Christmas Is Coming" and "Merry Christmas One And All".

The Romeos - In September of 1954 Apollo Records announces the signing of a new vocal group calleed The Romeos. The songs "Love Me" and "I Beg You Pledase" are released on Apollo #461.

The Sugartones - During the summer of 1954 Benida records of New York announces the sugning of The Sugartones. In November Benida is made part of another new label called Roulette and will release The Sugartones on that label. However late in the month "Scandal" and "Blow The Whistle" are released on Benida # 5021.

The Tune Blenders - In March of 1952, Leroy Kirkland head of A & R for Wheeler Records announces the signing to that label of The Tune Blenders. The group is featured on the first release by the label # 101, on the gospel influenced tune "Bread Of Heaven".

The Victorians - In October of 1951, Specialty Records announces that "I Guess You're Satisfied" on #411 is a good seller. The flip side is "Don't Break My Heart Again". In mid November "Satisfied" appears on the R & B best seller list in the Northeast. In February of 1952 Specialty # 420 is released. It features The Victorians on the songs "Part Time Sweetheart" and "Naturally Too Weak For You".

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