The Way We Were : March, 1949compiled by JCMarion

Eddie Duchin broadcasts a radio show with Jane Froman and Tommy Mercer for the U.S. Navy . . . . .Woody Herman and his band and the King Cole Trio does huge box office in Pittsburgh . . . . . . .Best bets of the first week of the month are : "Waiting For The Robert E. Lee" / "A Million Miles Away" by Alan Dale (Signature); "A Rosewood Spinet" / "Angelina" by Dick Haymes (Decca); "I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore" / "Kiss Me Sweet" by Kitty Kallen with Mitch Miller (Mercury); "You Broke Your Promise" / "Safe, Sane, And Single" by Louis Jordan (Decca); "Dreaming" / "Cruising Down The River" by Bruno Scala (London); "Humphrey Bogart Rhumba" / "Johnny Get Your Girl" by Betty Garrett (MGM); and "Red Roses For A Blue Lady" / "Flo And Joe" by Benny Lee & The Keynotes With Nat Temple (London). . . . . . .The best sellers of the week are : 1-"I Got My Love To Keep Me Warm by Les Brown (Columbia); 2-"Powder Your Face With Sunshine" by Evelyn Knight (Decca) and "Cruising Down The River" by Blue Barron (MGM); 3-"Galway Bay" by Bing Crosby (Decca); 4-"So Tired" by Russ Morgan (Decca); 5-"A Little Bird Told Me" by Evelyn Knight (Decca); 6-"Down By The Station" by Tommy Dorsey (RCA Victor) and "Far Away Places" by Bing Crosby (Decca); 7-"I Love You So Much It Hurts Me" by The Mills Brothers (Decca); 8-"Far Away Places" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol); 9-"Red Roses For A Blue Lady" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor); 10-"Lavendar Blue" by Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor); 11-"So In Love" by Patti Page (Mercury) and "The Pussy Cat Song" by Patti Andrews and Bob Crosby (Decca); 12-"Mississippi Flyer" by Frankie Carle (Columbia) . . . . . Top selling albums of the week are : 1-"Kiss Me kate" by the Original cast (Columbia); 2-"Words And Music" by the Original cast (MGM); 3-"So Dear To My Heart" by the Original Cast (Capitol); 4-"Vaughn Monroe Sings" (RCA Victor); 5-"Kenton Encores by Stan Kenton (Capitol) . . . . . The Three Suns : Artie Dunn (keyboards), Al Nevins (guitar), and Morty Nevins (accordian) sign to RCA Victor records.

"So You Want To Lead A band" with Sammy Kay listed as a best bet on television . . . . . . .RCA Victor set to debut its new 45 rpm records on March 31 . . . . . . .Decca plans to make its subsidiary label Coral a major company . . . . .best bets of the week amomg the new record releases are : "Baba Lu" / "Some Enchanted Evening" (from "South Pacific") by Perry Como (RCA Victor); "A You're Adorable" / "I Need You" by Jo Stafford and Gordon McRae (Capitol); "Comme Ci Comme Ca" by Tony Martin with Earl Hagen (RCA Victor); "While We're Young" / "Big Wide Wonderful World" by The Unitones (London); "I Get Up Every Morning" / "The Little Church Near Leicester Square" by Guy Lombardo (Decca); "Someone Like You" / "Where Is The One" by Tommy Dorsey with vocals by Denny Dennis, Stuart Foster, and The Clark Sisters . . . . .The hit novelty song "All Right Louie Drop The Gun" has been recorded by Arthur Godfrey (Columbia), Jimmy Atkins (Coral), Cass Daley (Decca), Art Kassel (Mercury), Two Ton Baker (Mercury), Marion Hutton (MGM), Wesson Brothers (National), Dennis Day (RCA Victor), and Johnny Davis (Universal) . . . . . .The estate of George Gershwin demands that Charlie Barnet stop playing his jazz version of "Rhapsody In Blue" . . . . "It's A Big Wide Wonderful World" was an almost forgotten tune from the 1940 revue "All In Fun" which closed after only three performances. The song laid around for eight years until its rediscovery has made it a big hit song . . . . . . new on the best sellers list for the week are "Again" by Vera Lynn (London); "You You You Are The One" by The Ames Brothers (Coral); "Sunflower" by Jack Fulton (Tower); and the album "Jazz At The Philharmonic vol. 9" on Mercury.

By the middle of March, Sammy Kaye's "So You Want To Lead A Band" does well at the Capitol Theater in New York . . . . . . .Larry Clinton has reformed his band and is signed to RCA Victor Records . . . . . .Leon Rene, president of Exclusive Records contributes vocals to his company's releases . . . . .Woody Herman and the King Cole Trio sign for a new tour after the last one was so well received . . . . .Frankie Laine big at Loew's in Cleveland . . . . . . ."Clancy Lowered The Boom" by Dennis Day big for St. Patrick's Day . . . . .pick hits of the week : "You Broke Your Promise" by Paula Watson (Supreme); "Sunflower" by Russ Morgan (Decca); "Bewildered" by Billy Eckstine (MGM); "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Brother Bones (Tempo); "Sweet Sue" by Johnny Long (Signature); "Up Above My Head" by Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Decca); "Brush Those Tears Away" by Evelyn Knight (Decca); "Younger Than Springtime" / "I'll Do The Same For You" by Fran Warren and Bill Lawrence (RCA Victor); "Undercurrent Blues" / "Ma Belle Margherite" by Benny Goodman (Capitol); and "Don't Rob Another Man's Castle" / "Biting My Nails" by The Andrews Sisters and Ernest Tubb (Decca) . . . . . . . Connee Haines and the Page Cavanaugh Trio are signed for a fifteen minute television show by NBC.

During the third week of the month the top twenty radio program ratings are released by A.C. Nielsen-1) Lux Radio Theater 2) Jack Benny 3) Fibber McGee And Molly 4) Talent Scouts 5) Amos & Andy 6) Walter Winchell 7) Bob Hope 8) Sam Spade 9) Casey Crime Photographer 10) My Friend Irma 11) Mystery Theater 12) Stop The Music 13) Suspense 14) Ford Theater 15) Mr. Keen Tracer Of Lost Persons 16) Inner Sanctum 17) FBI In Peace And War 18) Mr. And Mrs. North 19) Mister District Attorney 20) This Is Your FBI . . . . . . .Columbia Records announces a price cut of their single records to 60 cents . . . . . .Irving Prestopnik, known as Fazola, New Orleans jazz great dies at the age of 36 . . . . . . .the best selling records of the week are : 1) "Cruising Down The River" by Russ Morgan (Decca) 2) "Galway Bay" by Bing Crosby (Decca); 3) "I Love You So Much It Hurts" by The Mills brothers (Decca); 4) Cruising Down The River" by Blue Barron (MGM); 5) "Red Roses For A Blue Lady" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) and "So Tired" by Russ Morgan (Decca); 6) "Powder Your face With Sunshine" by Evelyn Knight (Decca); 7) "So In Love" by Gordon McRae (Capitol); 8) Far Away Places" by Bing Crosby (Decca); 9) "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" by Les Brown (Columbia) and "Forever And Ever" by Russ Morgan (Decca); 10) "Careless Hands" by Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor) . . . . . . .the pick hits of the week are : "Again" / "Blue Moon" by Mel Torme (Capitol); "Don't Cry Baby" / "I Get Up Every Morning" by Eddy Howard (Mercury); "Ghost Riders In The Sky" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor); "You're So Understanding" by Jerry Wayne & The Dell Trio (Columbia); and "Comme Ci Comme Ca" / "My Dream Is Yours" by Johnny Desmond (MGM) . . . . . . .other new record releases for the week : "St. Louis Blues parts 1 & 2" by The Soft Winds (Mercury); "An Old Piano Plays The Blues" by Hoagy Carmichael (Decca); and "Fiddle Faddle" / "Teddy Bears Picnic" by Ethel Smith . . . . . . . . The song "The Right Girl For Me" from the motion picture "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" is recorded by Frank Sinatra (from the movie soundtrack), and also Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor) and Gordon McRae (Capitol) . . . . . .Earl Bostic and Milt Buckner are at the Apollo Theater in New York.

The last week in March of 1949 starts out with the news of the death of record company executive Jack Kapp . . . . . "Buttons And Bows" named the top commercial song of 1948. Dinah Shore's version for RCA Victor alone sold more than one and a half million records . . . . .The Varsity record label sells its singles at 39 cents. President of Varsity Eli Oberstein, announces sales have gone over the six million mark since July of 1948 . . . . . . ."Cruising Down The River" tops all record sales categories except top seller in Great Britain where "On A Slow Boat To China" is number one . . . . . . .On the last day of March, RCA Victor introduces the 45 rpm record. It will sell for 65 cents while the classical music Red Seal label will retail for 95 cents . . . . . . .Ella Fitzgerald and Machito appear at Bop City in New York, while in that city Guy Lobardo and orchestra are at the Strand, Louis Jordan and the Ray Anthony Orchestra are at the Paramount; and Gordon Jenkins and his orchestra are at the Capitol Theater . . . . . The Modernaires are in the cast of Bob Crosby's "Club Fifteen" radio program . . . . . .top new record album "Tributes In Tempo" (Columbia) and top new single "Johnny Get Your Girl" / "Busy Doing Nothing" by Frank Sinatra (Columbia).

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