The Way We Were : July 1948

The biggest trend on network radio is giveaways. Six of the top fifteen rated shows are in this category and they have pushed a radio institution - Fred Allen, to a low point on the listing. One of these shows - "Stop The Music" is so successful that it is big box office on Broadway. . . . . ."Let's dance America" is a summer replacement show featuring the band of Tex Beneke and mc Fred Robbins . . . . . . .another Tex, McCrary with Jinx Falkenberg do the Tex & Jinx Show with Helen Carroll & The Escorts, and the Johnny Guaneri Trio. . . . . . . .the best bets for records of the first week in July are "Where Flamingos Fly" and "When Moonlight Fell On The Waterfall" by Buddy Clark (Columbia); "Ready Set Go!" and "Blow Gabriel Blow" by Martha Tilton with the Dean Elliot band (Capitol); "I's Love To Live In Loveland" and "Your Heart And Mine" by Jerry Wayne (Columbia); "Sophisticated Lady" and "The Jitney Man" by Billy Eckstein (National) . . . . . ."Take It Away" by Xavier Cugat on Columbia is from the motion picture "A Date With Judy" . . . . .new records on the best seller list - "You Call Everyone Darlin'" by Ann Vincent (Mercury) and "It's Magic" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor) . . . . . .new albums released during the week are "Good News" by the original cast on MGM and "Masterpieces" by Glen Miller for RCA Victor . . . . . actress Carol Landis is dead of an apparent suicide.

The summer replacement for the Dinah Shore-Harry James show is Mel Torme . . . . . .new record releases for the second week of July are - "It's Magic" by Dick Haymes (Decca); "Haunted Heart" by Perry Como (RCA Victor); "Tea Leaves" by Nick deFrancis (Columbia); "Baby Face" by Art Mooney (MGM); "Fiddle Faddle" by Bert Shecter (MGM); and "I Love You Yes I Do" by Bull Moose Jackson (King) . . . . . . .new albums are "Emperor's Waltz" by Bing Crosby (Decca) and "Al Jolson-Album #3" (Decca) . . . . . . .best bets of the week - "This Is The Moment" / "Love That Boy" by Dinah Shore with Sonny Burke's orch. (Columbia); "Every Day I Love You" / "Hankerin'" by Dick Haymes (Decca) - both songs from the motion picture "Two Guys From Texas"; "I Kiss Your Hand Madame" and "Just For Now" by Andy Russell (Capitol); "That Five O'Clock Feeling" and "I Don't Want To Meet Any More People" by Frankie Carle & his Orchestra with Nan Wright and Marjorie Hughes vocals (Columbia); "Mama Goes Where Papa Goes" and "Many Happy Returns Of The Day" by Kay Starr (Capitol); "Judaline" and "Baby Baby All The Time" by Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra with vocals by Stewart Foster and Lucy Ann Polk (RCA Victor) . . . . . . The survey of the songs with the largest radio audience in the past year are 1) "Now Is The Hour" 2) "But Beautiful" 3) "Ballerina" . . . . . .among the new acts are Theresa Breuer (soon to become Brewer) at The Sawdust Trail in New York.

By the third week of July there is a lot of action in the recording strike, and many recording studios are ready to sever ties with the American Federation of Musicians . . . . . . . "Our Miss Brooks" starring Eve Arden is to replace the kay Kyser Show . . . . . the top rated radio programs for the month are 1) Walter Winchell 2) Stop The Music (the 8 : 45 broadcast) 3) Take It Or Leave It 4) The Fat Man 5) Mister District Attorney 6) Horace Heidt 7) Stop The Music (the 8pm broadcast) 8) The FBI (In Peace And War) 9) Casey Crime Photographer 10) The Big Story . . . . . . . .best bets for the third week of July are - "This Is The Moment" and "Every Day I Love You" by Jo Stafford (Capitol); "Underneath The Arches" / "Side By Side" by Primo Scala (London); "Woody Woodpecker Song" and "Put 'Em In A Box" by Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters (Decca); "Every Day I Love You" and "I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me" by Mindy Carson (Musicraft); "Where Flamingos Fly" and "Just For Now" by The Inkspots (Decca); "With All My Heart" and "Goodbye Romance" by The Pied Pipers featuring June Hutton (Capitol); "Where Flamingos Fly" / "Just For Now" by Connee Haines (Signature); "Run Run Run" / "The Tourist Trade" by The Charioteers (Columbia); and "Time Out For Tears" and "Be Mine" by Ann Shelton (London) . . . . . . . .the best selling records for the month are ; 1) "Woody Woodpecker" by Kay Kyser (Columbia) 2) "You Can't Be True Dear" Jerry Wayne vocal on Ken Griffin's original instrumental version (Rondo); 3) "Little White Lies" by Dick Haymes (Decca) 4) "William Tell Overture" by Spike Jones (RCA Victor) 5) "Woody Woodpecker" by Mel Blanc & The Sportsmen (Capitol) 6) "Love Somebody" by Buddy Clark & Doris Day (Columbia) 7) "12th Street Rag" by PeeWee Hunt (Capitol) tied with "My Happiness" by Jon & Sondra Steel (Damon) 8) "My Happiness" by The Pied Pipers (Capitol) 9) "My Happiness" by Ella Fitzgerald (Decca) 10) "Confess" by Patti Page (Mercury) 11) "Maybe You'll Be There" by Gordon Jenkins Orch with vocal by Charles Laverre (Decca) and "It's magic" by Doris Day (Columbia) and "You Call Everyone Darling by Al Trace & The Troopers (Regent) 12) "It's Magic" by Dick Haymes (Decca); 13) "Nature Boy" by Nat Cole (Capitol) and "You Can't Be True Dear" by Dick Haymes (Decca) 14) "Toolie Oolie Doolie" by The Andrews Sisters (Decca) 15) "St. Louis Blues March" by Tex Beneke (RCA Victor) and "Hooray For Love" by Tony Martin (RCA Victor) and "The Maharaja of Magador" by Vaughn Monroe with vocal by Ziggy Talent (RCA Victor) and "Ebony Rhapsody" by Rosetta Howard (Columbia) and "Fiddle Faddle" by The King's Way Symphony (London) and "You Can't Be True Dear" by The Sportsmen (Capitol); 16) "Because" by Perry Como (RCA Victor) and "What's Good About Goodbye" by Tony Martin (RCA Victor) and "Bluebird Of Happiness" by Art Mooney (MGM) and "Mississippi Mud" by Tommy Dorsey Orch (RCA Victor) . . . . . . . . . .the top selling record albums of the month are 1) "Progressive Jazz" by Stan Kenton (Capitol) 2) "Songs Of Our Times" various artists (Decca) 3) "The Emperor's Waltz" by Bing Crosby (Decca) 4) "Album #3" by Al Jolson (Decca) 5) "Masterpieces" by Glen Miller Orch (RCA Victor) . . . . . . . . Jo Stafford is a substitute dj for Ted Husing on WHN in New York . . . . . .Tony Martin appears with Dick Stabile & orchestra at Slapsy Maxie's in Hollywood . . . . . . . .Mel Torme is on radio every Tuesday evening for NBC and is in the cast for the upcoming movie "Words And Music"

Vic Damone moves into his second year on Pet Milk's "Saturday Night Serenade" . . . . . . . .Columbia Records is starting to push its new development, the 33 1/3 LP album . . . . . . . .new records out in late July are - "You Came A Long Way From St. Louis" by Ray McKinley (RCA Victor); "Caramba It's The Samba" by Peggy Lee (Capitol); "Haunted Heart" by by Vic Damone (Mercury) and a new album "Boogie Woogie vol 2" by Freddie Slack (Capitol) . . . . . . . . .the best bets of the week are - ""Ah But It Happens" and "Judaline" by Johnny Johnston with Sonny Burke (MGM); "New Moon" and "Shangri-La" by Barclay Allen with Freddy Martin's Orchestra (Decca); "There's Something About Midnight" and "Look For The Silver Lining" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol); "There's Music In The Land" and "Every Day I Love You" by Vaughn Monroe (RCA Victor); "You Call Everyone Darling" and "Cuckoo Waltz" by Jack Smith & The Clark Sisters (Capitol); "Win Or Lose" and "At Your Command" by Gordon Jenkins (Capitol); "Love That Boy" and "Louisville Lou" by Johnny Mercer & The Pied Pipers (Capitol); . . . . . .the juke box operators pick "Darktown Strutter's Ball" by Connie Haines and Alan Dale (Signature) as its pick hit.

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