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Joe Davis was a long time independent record company executive. He was with MGM Records for a time, but is most well known for his group of recording labels that he owned starting with Beacon Records in 1942. There was also Joe Davis and Davis Records, and finally the Jay-Dee label. Some of the better vocal group sounds from the New York area were recorded by Joe Davis and are representative of the sound of the area and the era. Beacon Records is best known for a number of recordings by The Red Caps (the original group) during 1943 and 1944, and on the Joe Davis and Davis labels during the mid forties. After some time with MGM, during the spring of 1953 he formed the Jay-Dee label and his first session featured a vocal group he brought over from MGM called The Crickets featuring lead singer (Grover) Dean Barlowe. The new label's first release was number 777, perhaps looking for good luck with their initial side. Beside the sides by The Crickets, the four recordings by The Mellows featuring lead singer Lillian Leach were some of the greatest vocal group sides ever recorded.

#777 - The Crickets : When I Met You / Dreams And Wishes

#780 - The Blenders : You'll Never Smile Again / Don't Play Around

#781 - The Crickets : I'm Not The Same One You Love / Fine As Wine

#783 - The Sparrows : Tell Me Baby / Why Did You Leave Me?

#785 - The Crickets : Your Love / Changing Partners

#786 - The Crickets : Little Baby's Shoes / Just You

#788 - Deep River Boys : Truthfully / No One Else Will Do

#789 - The Crickets : Never Give Up Hope / Are You Looking For A Sweetheart?

#790 - The Sparrows : I'll Be Loving You / Hey Hey

#793 - The Mellows : How Sentimental Can I Be? / Nothing To Do

#795 - The Crickets : I'm Going To Live My Life Alone / Man From The Moon

#797 - The Mellows : Smoke From Your Cigarette / Pretty Baby What's Your Name?

#801 - The Mellows : I Still Care / I Was A Fool To Let You Go

#806 - The Goldentones : The Meaning Of Love / Run Pretty Baby

# 807 - The Mellows : Yesterday's Memories / Loveable Lilly

#810 - The Scale-Tones : Everlasting Love / Dreamin And Schemin

The last record release on the Jay-Dee label (#810) came in February of 1956.

Just as the end was announced for the Jay-Dee label, Joe Davis began the Davis Records label in early 1956. The new label began with # 444, at the same time that Davis was announcing his latest discovery, fifteen year old Anita Bryant from Oklahoma !(on Davis # 443)

#444 - The Millionaires : Somebody's Lying / Kansas Kapers

#447 - The Chestnuts : Love Is True / It's You I Love

#452 - The Chestnuts : Forever I Vow / Brother Ben

#453 - The Pyramids : At Any Cost / Okay Baby

#456 - The Sparrows : Love Me Tender / Come Back To Me

#457 - The Pyramids : Why Did You Go / Before It's Too Late

#459 - The Crickets : I'm Going To Live My Life Alone / Man From The Moon (re-release of Jay-Dee # 795)

#464 - The Ravons : Don't Ever Break Your Baby's Heart / I'm A Fugitive

#465 - The Dovers : Sweet As A Flower / Boy In My Life

#466 - The Continentals : Don't Do It / Tongue Twister

The two standouts for Davis Records were by The Chestnuts featuring lead singer Ruby Whittaker, also among the best ever.

During the late fifties Davis was still at it, bringing back the Beacon label for sides such as "You Give Me So Much Loving / What A Shape I'm In by The Naturals (#462), and re-releases of the solo Dean Barlowe on "I'll String Along With You" (#463) and "Be Faithful" / "I'm Not The One You Love" by The Crickets (#555).

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