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Harvey Fuqua had been the soul of The Moonglows for seven years when he finally folded the group in 1959. He had two solo recordings for Chess that year with "I Want Somebody" and "Da Da Goo Goo" on #1713, and later on in the year "Twelve Months of the Year" and "Don't Be Afraid Of Love" on #1725. In 1960 there was one more solo outing for Harvey with "Blue Skies" and "Ooh Ouch, Stop" on #1749. None of the three solo recordings by Fuqua did much of anything on the sales charts. In 1960 Harvey recorded two duet recordings with Etta James who moved on to the Chicago label after her time with Modern on the West coast. Etta & Harvey recorded "My Heart Cries" and "If I Can't Have You" on #1760, and "It's A Crying Shame" and "Spoonful" on #1771. For such a talented and historic twosome, record sales were not forthcoming.

In mid 1960 Harvey had gone to Detroit with Marvin Gaye to further their careers in music. harvey began his own label called Tri-Phi and set up to record a vocal group called The Domingos. He changed the group's name to The Spinners and singing lead recorded "That's What Girls Are Made For" and "Heebie Jeebies" on Tri-Phi #1001 in 1961. Marvin Gaye reportedly played drums during the session. Reaction was decent for a new enterprise and so The Spinners recorded "Love I'm Glad That I Found You" and "Sudbuater" on #1004. Reaction was much more muted and so they tried one more with "What Did She Use" and "Itching For My Baby" on #1007. Later on in 1962 Tri-Phi #1010 is released as by Harvey & The Spinners on the songs "She Loves Me" and "Whistling About You" (later on it was also released as by Harvey). "I've Been Hurt" and "Got Your Water Boiling Baby" by The Spinners is released on #1013 later in the year. The Spinners have one more record for Tri-Phi "Too Young, Too Much, Too Soon" and "She Don't Love Me" on #1018.

Meanwhile Harvey had two more solo recordings for Tri-Phi. "She Loves Me So" and "Any Way You Want" on #1017 in 1962 and early on in 1963 "Memories Of You" and "Come On And Answer Me" on #1024. With all this going on Fuqua also had time to start up Harvey Records which had two records during 1962. The Five Quails which included Harvey recorded "Its Been A Long Time" and "Get To School On Time" on Harvey#114, and a duet with Ann Bogan listed as by Harvey & Ann with the songs "Will I Do?" and "What Can You Do Now?" on #121. In early 1963 Fuqua who had married the sister of Berry Gordy the head of Motown (Anna, Tamla, etc)moves Tri-Phi as part of the Motown conglomeration and brings in The Spinners. Harvey also puts together a group called The Nite Liters which years later included Ann Bogan and was known as New Birth Inc. who made some records for RCA Victor in the early seventies. Harvey also rejoined Bobby Lester and Pete Graves, and with two other singers remade a few of their classics for RCA Victor.

In the years since, Harvey Fuqua has been a writer, producer, and talent scout for the Motown empire and developed such performers as Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye as a solo performer. Today Fuqua's leading project is what he calls "Resurging Artists Records" and has released "T.V.O.X. - The Voice of Experience" by Harvey himself, and "Harvey & The Moonglows 2000", a worthy release for the group's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, the city where he began it all more than fifty years ago. Harvey Fuqua is certainly a man for all seasons, who has been a part of this music for all those years and all those memories.

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