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Alan Copeland was born in Los Angeles, California, in October of 1926.At an early age his musical experience with the Robert Mitchell Boys Choir led to singing in the motion pictures "Hunchback Of Notre Dame", "Going My Way", "Yankee Doodle Dandy", and "Meet John Doe". In his early twenties he joined the vocal group The Modernaires in 1948. and appeared on a number of recordings with the group. There was also a number of radio appearances with Bob Crosby in the late nineteen forties. In 1952 he had a regular spot of the Bob Crosby television show in the early fifties. Copeland was on the screen for a segment by The Modernaires in the film "The Glenn Miller Story". In 1957 he joined the cast of the TV show "Your Hit parade" first for NBC and then CBS. He was a featured vocalist on the show for three years from 1957 until 1959.

During his stint on "Your Hit Parade" he recorded a number of sides for the Coral label. Among them were "Feeling Happy" and "You Don't Know" on Coral # 61791, "Will You Still Be Mine?" and "How Will I Know" on # 61833, "I Dream Of You" and "Who Wouldn't Love You" on # 61891, "This Can't Be Love" and "No Sad Songs For Me" on # 61917, and "Moonlight And Shadows" and "As I Love You" on # 61955. In the mid nineteen sixties Copeland once again joined The Modernaires and secured a regular spot on the Red Skelton Show for CBS.

After the Skelton show ended Copeland once again left The Modernaires and formed his own vocal group called The Alan Copeland Singers. In 1968 the group won a Grammy award for Best Contemporary Pop Performance Chorus for their medley of "Mission Impossible" / "Norwegian Wood". In later years he spent time doing musical arrangements for some of the top pop music performers. In the mid nineties Alan Copeland for the third time joined The Moderaires as they perform the great music of the Interlude Era for appreciative audiences.

Copeland wrote a book about his experiences called appropriately enough "Jukebox Saturday Night". He has recorded two recent cds that are on Universal from Japan. They are "If Love Comes With It" from 2005, and under the name The Alan Copeland Conspiracy a cd called "Bubble Called You" with twelve tracks.

Alan Copeland's career encompassed both The Modernaires and "Your Hit Parade" over many years. For six decades he has been an important part of the American popular experience, and the memory will linger on perhaps forever.

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