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Welcome! I have created this page to share my floaty pen collection. Floaty pens are plastic ball point pens with a top part that contains a clear liquid and a graphic that slides back and forth on a transparent track when you tilt it. Floating Action Pens are made the Eskesen company in Denmark, although imitations made in China and Italy are "floating" around. (I don't collect these knock-offs. I only collect Eskesen products.)

My Floaty Pen Obsession
Biplanes that Float
Double Dippers
Now You See It, Now You Don't
The Jet Set
All That Glitters
Rock On
Elvis Floats!

Floaty pens are fascinating and easy to trade through the mail. The artwork contained in such a tiny space is really amazing. My favorite pens are from interesting tourist locations or those with clever advertising. I am trying to locate a pen from each of the 50 states. (Only 1 state to go!--WV) I currently have 590 different pens and am always on the lookout for more. I love to trade.

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My Collection as of February 15, 2005

Cartoon Characters
US Locations
Non-US Locations
Miscellaneous , Animals, & Transportation

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