The International Symbol for Custom Rod Building
Copyright Information
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The International Symbol for Custom Rod Building is officially copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office. According to the Copyright Office, a "Certificate of Copyright" will be assigned to the artwork and symbol within 26 months of the initial filing (August 2008).

In the meantime, the work is automatically copyrighted and protected by the United States of America and worldwide by virtue of the Berne Convention for the protection of literary and artistic works.
The purpose of the registered copyright for the symbol is not to discourage its use by individuals, but rather to control and protect the symbol from improper use that could damage its intrinsic value to those who practice the craft which it represents.
The symbol may be freely used and displayed on personal items provided it is not altered nor changed in any way.  It may not be added to, nor have any portion removed. *Resizing of the symbol or a change in color is permitted.
There is no fee for using the copyrighted symbol on items for sale, but written permission must be granted by the copyright owner.  If you intend to reproduce and use the symbol on items intended for sale, please request written permission by writing to: RodMaker, PO Box 1322, High Point, NC 27261. All requests for written permission must be received in writing at the address given here. Permission will not be granted via phone or email correspondance.