The International Symbol for Custom Rod Building
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The International Symbol for Custom Rod Building

The symbol shown here represents the craft of custom fishing rod building, an honorable craft practiced by home hobbiests, artisians, journeymen craftsmen and even small business persons. Worldwide, there are about 300,000 persons who will build their own fishing rod this year. Many will build just one or two rods for personal use, while others will build dozens, even hundreds of rods, often for sale to the general fishing public.

THE SYMBOL:  The symbol shown above was designed to use the fewest number of items that represent the greatest number and types of custom fishing rods in use around the world. Thus, three tiptops representing casting/spinning, boat/trolling and fly, were chosen.  A simple black and white lineart image is produced in black on a white background for maximum impact. Owing to its univeral nature, no text is produced on or around the symbol.
WHO MAY DISPLAY IT: The symbol was designed, created, copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Library of Congress Copyright Office by Tom Kirkman, publisher and editor of RodMaker Magazine, in June of 2008. He has granted free use of the symbol to anyone wishing to display it on their business cards, stationery or other personal items and for any good use that promotes the craft of custom fishing rod building in a postive manner.
WHO MAY SELL IT: Those wishing to use the symbol on items for sale, such as shirts, hats, decals, rods, etc., are asked to contact the copyright owner for written permission to use the symbol in such manner.  Licensing is free, but certain guidelines must be agreed to and followed by anyone who wishes to use the symbol on items intended for sale. Please click on the "Copyright" page in the navigation bar for more information on obtaining written permission to use the copyrighted image on items intended for sale.
RESTRICTIONS:  Anyone who uses the symbol in any capacity agrees not to alter the symbol in any way. *Resizing and/or color change is permitted.  The symbol may not be used in conjunction with any religious or political references. Nor may it be adopted by any business, organization or person/s as their official trademark or representative logo of any kind.