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Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka - Prophet of the Modern Age
Prophet of the modern age

MLA: Translating what's In Between

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Translating What's Written In-Between the Lines

   Essential Kafka 
   Josephine the Songstress

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The Complete KAFKA - The Kafka Project by Mauro Nervi - Everything in German and some things also in other languages.

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        Plato's dialogue on the nature of mindfulness [prudence].

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Friedrich Schleiermacher's Ordering:
I.  Phaedrus, Lysis; Protagoras, Laches, Charmides;
     Euthyphro, [Apology* & Crito*];  Parmenides;
II. Gorgias, Theaetetus, Meno; Euthydemus, Cratylus; 
     Sophist, Statesman, Symposium (Philosopher);
     Phaedo (Philosopher in death), Philebus;
III. Republic  << Critias, Timaeus, Laws >>
A prudent translator should know WHAT dialogues are really Plato's, and which ones are not - and, then again, understanding the proper order is quite possibly most essential to such 'knowledge.'
** Historical Dialogues - Plato's presentation of the real SOCRATES - not Platonic philosophy per se.