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Palomar College Applied Music Program
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Palomar College Applied Music Program

The Palomar College Performing Arts Department offers a program of individual study for the serious music student, for both music majors and non majors. Lessons are offered that will train students to be proficient in an applied music skill for the purpose of transferring to an upper level four year institution as a music major or for employment in the professional world as a working musician.


One hour per each week of the semester of individual instruction with a professional teacher.  (Fifteen one hour lessons)

Participation weekly with other Applied Music students in a performance studies class.

Practice on campus for a minimum of five hours per week.  Hours are logged in.  Home practice does not count, but is encouraged.

Concurrent registration and participation in a performance ensemble of the college.

Performance for faculty jury at the conclusion of the semester as part of the grading process.


An audition by the college music faculty will determine the readiness of the student to enter the Applied Music Program.  Beginning technical skills are not taught.  For example, a violin student must be proficient in scales and simple pieces before starting the Applied Music Program.  A written test of music fundamentals is part of the audition process.

 Three classes are required for Applied Music as follows:                                              

1.  Music 220 Applied Music:         1 unit

2.  Music Ensemble choose one:  (145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 155, 157, 158, 159, 164) 1 unit      

3.  Music 222 Performance Studies     1 unit

Total  3 units


To participate successfully in Applied Music, basic musical skills are essential.  These skills need not be advanced, but some ability to sight read is necessary.  All students will be given a written test at the time of audition.  The test will cover such areas as note reading, scales, intervals, signatures, rhythm, and musical terminology.  It is highly recommended that Music 103, Fundamentals of Music, be successfully completed prior to auditioning for Applied Music.


The Applied Music requires a minimum of 11 hours per week per student.  Students should be on campus every day, Monday through Friday, to participate in Applied Music.

Lesson 1 hour

Performance Studies Class 2 hours

Practice (on campus) 5 hours

Performance Ensemble 3 hours

TOTAL 11 Hours

COST OF Applied Music:

There is no additional tuition for individual instruction other than the usual fee for registration of three units.  Students will be expected to purchase music materials for lessons as required by the teacher.

HOW TO ENTER Applied Music:

Schedule an audition appointment through the Performing Arts Department Music office - 744-1150, ext. 2316.  Auditions will be held during the first week of the semester.  The audition will  consist of performing two pieces of contrasting nature, and taking a written fundamentals test.  An  accompanist will be provided.

Do not register for Applied Music (Music 220) until after audition.

Students will be assigned to Ms. Ulli Reiner for violin and viola study by the audition committee.

Audition results will be posted on the day following the close of all auditions.  Students should receive a department signature to enroll in the correct section of Music 220.  Registration must be done before first lesson is taken.  Bring your registration receipt to the first lesson; your teacher has to see it before giving the lesson.

For additional information contact Ms. Reiner
(858) 485-8114 or by email