Faculty Association Board Meeting Minutes February 5 2002

1. Strategic Plan for Hospital. A plan is being circulated to Department Chairs for their input.

It is thought that implementation may have a negative effect on the academic mission, but this has been impossible to substantiate because the plan is not being circulated among the faculty. The FA Board believes that the faculty have a critical interest in any planning for the hospital, whether clinical or academic in nature, and that there must be a process for faculty to consult and provide input on the plan.

Institutional history from the events surrounding the UCSF-Stanford merger taught us that the majority of faculty do not believe that department chairs adequately represent their interests. The Faculty Association will request that faculty have an opportunity to see the draft plan well before any implementation takes place.

2. Tuition for UC Faculty╝s Children. The proposal that children of UC faculty have their UC tuition paid has been approved in theory, but there is no funding mechanism. No one wants it to go forward without a funding source because it would then just be added to faculty overhead as a tax on clinical revenue.

The plan is waiting for funding. We will inform our members about its status.

3. Retirement Proposal. A Health Sciences Taskforce proposed that health sciences faculty be given the opportunity to increase their retirement contributions by a mandatory Direct Contribution Plan of 7% of their Y income.

The Retirement Taskforce has agreed to do an analysis of whether UCRS could afford to fund this increase as part of the Defined Benefit Plan (DPB).

The UCSF Faculty Association Board strongly feels that no program should be put in place that would cause additional tax on clinical revenues without first obtaining the consent of the faculty through a formal vote or polling mechanism.

4. Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 5, 4:00 PM, HSW 1601