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Welcome to the Web site for the UCSF Faculty Association. This organization represents the faculty of the four schools at the University of California, San Francisco.
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Prof. Warren M. Gold Prof. Mark I. Ryder Prof. Martin S. Bogetz Prof. Paul Ekman
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Issues of Interest to Members of the UCSF Faculty Association:

Heath Care Coverage, November 1, 2002 *.

Minutes of the Faculty Association, February 5, 2002.*.

Health Sciences Retirement Task Force: Interim Report.*.

San Francisco General Hosptial is still in trouble again. What can you do? .

Issues Raised by UCSF Faculty Association Members

Salary problems caused by FTE cuts have still not been settled.

Contacts at the other UC campus Faculty Associations

    Berkeley: Prof. Richard Scheffler (
    Davis, Prof. Ben McCoy (
    Los Angeles: Prof. Karen Orren (
    Riverside: Prof.Roger Ransom (
    San Diego: Prof. David Braff (
    Santa Cruz: Prof. Shelly Errington (

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For questions, call Rena Frantz, (415) 334-4566
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