July 2 Fly to Paris. Leave Seattle 7:30 PM on Pan Am

July 3 In Paris. Arrive London 12:30 PM. Arrive Paris 8 PM?

July 4 In Paris

July 5 Avignon. Train (TGV) from Gare de Lyon at 10:23; arrive 14:10. Visit Palais des Papes, bridge. Hotel St. George

July 6 Pont St. Esprit 58 km

Visit vineyards, wine tasting at Tavel (Cotes du Rhone) and Chateauneuf-du-Pape. In Orange, Roman arch and theater.

July 7 Blois de Sabliers (Camp) 65 km from Pont St. Esprit via Ardeche

(very scenic but steep) or 37 km direct.

Or stop at Plage des Templiers (Camp).

July 8 In Blois de Sabliers (near Barjac).

July 9 In Blois de Sabliers. 28 km excursion to Ognac cave.

July 10 Nimes 80 km via Pont du Gard (Roman bridge)

Visit Roman amphitheater and temple in evening or morning.

Hotel: Amphitheatre or Memout or Majestic.

July 11 Arles 37 km (camp)

Visit Roman amphitheater and theater

July 12 Le Grau-du-Roi 51 km (hotel)

Visit walled medieval town of Aigues-Mortes.

July 13 Agde (Camp) 78 km (less 8 if omit Maguelone)

Afternoon swim/picnic at Maguelone Beach.

July 14 In Agde (Camp)

July 15 Narbonne Plage (Camp) 45 km

July 16 Carcassone 80 km.

Explore the walled town.

July 17 Train to Tours, via Bordeaux.

July 18 near Saumur 66 km. Camp at La HerpiniŠre.

Visit chateaux (Azay and others) and wineries.

July 19 Angers 55 km or longer via wineries

July 20 Nantes 104 km

July 21 In Nantes

Visit castle and museums.

July 22 Redon 73 km

July 23 Koad-ar-Roach (Camp) 55 km

July 24 In Koad-ar-Roach

July 25 Val Andr‚ 79 km (camp)

July 26 Dinard 111 km via scenic coastal route. Can be shortened. (camp)

July 27 Mt. St. Michelle 69 km

July 28 In Mt. St. Michelle

July 29 Vitr‚ 68 km from Pontorson

July 30 Train to Paris in morning. Three hours.

July 31 Leave Paris 10 AM. Leave London 2:55 PM on Pan Am.

Arrive Seattle at 4:20 PM ?