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Tread lightly on the earth. Be truthful.


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The 20th century was industrial, working for several companies.  This included QUEST Integrated, Inc. , a small company that does contract research and development and builds electro-optic instruments for industrial inspection. The 21st century is academic. I was on the Computer Science faculty at DigiPen Institute of Technology, focusing on how to program video games. As of summer 2006 I have taken a position with UBC’s Thunderbird Robotics.  I completed a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering under the late Prof. Robert Pinter at the University of Washington in 1994. My dissertation looks at visual signal processing techniques of the brain and uses these for a new machine vision method of finding primitive features. Other research interests are neural networks, parallel programming, image understanding, data modeling, and C/C++ programming for Windows and Linux. Member of IEEE and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.



Happily married to Fran Solomon for 25 years. We live in Seattle, Washington, USA in a house that we designed. We enjoy bicycling, hiking, cross country skiing, yoga, music and the arts.


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Have visited 60 countries around the world. Most often Fran and I tour by bicycle. We enjoy exchanging home visits with other couples and belong to Servas. I speak fluent French and can get by in Spanish, Italian, Russian and German. I have picked up smatterings of other languages along the way.

Fran and I each have a folding Bike Friday. It fits inside a suitcase! Mine is green, with drop handle bars.

Our most recent trips were tours of teaching in China in the summer of 2004, followed by seeing in the New Year in Mexico.  We returned to Maupiti to celebrate Fran’s birthday in March and Biked down the Klamath River in July.  We started 2006 in Australia.

Recent & Current Activities


  • Visiting professors at Northwest University, Xian, China in summer 2004.
  • Had major surgery in September 2004.
  • Working on a DARPA Grand Challenge race vehicle for Team Sleipnir, October 2004 – August 2005.
  • Attended short course at UCLA
  • Concerns on Sacred Activism
  • Working for UBC on  Urban Challenge robot race June 2006 – November 2007.


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