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Holistic Diagnosis
A unique evaluation of the entire horse, describing the physical internal & external problems that cannot be apparent on a regular examination, from the physical aspects to the psyche, behavioral problems, hidden lamenesses, etc.  Holistic Nutritional Analysis-$59.75 FGS (frequency generated supplement) $48.93- Combo-FGS & HNS: $137.31
Homeopathic Remedies
All remedies are homeopathic in substance and are designed to go to the cause of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. Because of this, process of curing takes longer than conventional medicine to work, but is non-invasive with out the usual side effects of drugs. 
Thermal Imaging
Infra camera used to diagnose musculo-skeleto and soft tissue injuries. Infra-red cameras are used in conjunction with a veterinarians external examination for pre-purchase, situations where a diagnosis is indeterminable,  to diagnose impending problems that are not yet apparent but are causing outward, yet undetermined problems with performance. It is a non-invasive procedure.

Infra red technology brochure




This is an example of where the use of the infra red camera helped relieve this horse’s problems.


The horse shown here was brought into the veterinary clinic of Dr. Dean R. Bader, in Shingle Springs, Ca. with a diagnosis of an abscess at the poll. The abscess was treated and a drain placed in the opening.


After 3 weeks, the wound was still draining and the animal was brought back to the clinic. At this time, Dr. Bader took an infra shot of this horse’s head. The views showed that, in fact, this horse had an abscess farther below the abscess that had been originally treated. This was then treated and in 2 weeks, the horse completely recovered.


Had this infra red diagnostic NOT been used, which clearly showed a second abscess, separated and below the former, the problem could have caused more serious damage. There would, in this instance, have been no other diagnostic that could have showed this as clearly.


This infra red picture was taken after a diagnosis of EPM. The horse showed many outward symptoms of the disease, but because there is no conclusive, or completely accurate tests for this problem, a follow up infra red picture was taken, clearly showing the area of the spine showing the inflammatory process that occurs with this disease.


This horse is still alive and being treated to maintain his comfort.


Infra-red imaging is a very important tool along with the use of radiographs, ultra-sound, and scintography, and can, in many instances, detect areas of the body that  are in- conclusive in other diagnostic evaluations, and can show earlier signs of health issues before they have become overt.
This is a great advantage in pre-purchase examinations.

Would you like to see just how well your saddle fits your horse and whether or not you are in balance when riding? Try our infra-red saddle fitting evaluation. You will be amazed at what accurate information this can give you! A MUST for all serious riders who truly love their horses!!!


This thermal image shows a saddle that was imaged after the horse was ridden showing the pressure points of an ill-fitting saddle.


This thermal image shows the pressure points of the saddle pad that was underneath the saddle shown to the left.


We offer thermal Imaging (Thermography) diagnostics to horse owners, serving race tracks, horse shows, and private barns as an additional and comprehensive look “into” the body of your horse. This diagnostic technique can be used singularly or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools. In many instances, thermal imaging can indicate a problem within the horse’s body that is not yet apparent on the “outside”. Thermal imaging is also used as  a preventive and maintenance procedure, both before and after competitions.


We are available anywhere in the U.S. and operate “on site”. Your images will be diagnosed by Dr. Dean R. Bader and images taken by Shan de Wey. You will receive your horse’s pictures on a disk, receive your diagnosis, and be advised of what  homeopathic or conventional remedies are available to institute the healing process, usually the same day. We also offer a very important saddle fitting technique using thermography. This will show, not only if your saddle fits properly, but also if you are riding in a “balanced” seat.


Whole horse examination is $400 (plus travel and expenses) and includes picture diagnosis, homeopathic remedies, initial Avazzia therapy. Diagnosis received that day. Infra-red saddle fit/rider position evaluation is $500 (plus travel and expenses).


For appointments and multiple horse discounts, contact Dr. Dean R. Bader at (530) 677-0390 or Shan de Wey at (530) 234-2117 or  tsvr@psln.com  Please allow a 30 day lead time for appointments


For the latest information on this diagnostic go to http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/news/2007/11/124.shtml 


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