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Tyger Knight Smithy makes exceptional LARP weapons, using only the very finest materials.


History and Mission statement

I have been making boffer weapons for a little over three years.  I apprenticed under the individual considered by most LARPers to be the best weapon smith in the South Eastern United States.  He had been making weapons for over five years and had apprenticed under the previously acknowledged “weapons master.”  I currently have several apprentices I am teaching.  With each generation, the art becomes better through fine-tuning and experience.  My weapon smithing comes from over twelve years of refinement. 

My personal contribution to the field has been in foam carving.  I do not use foam molds or foam cutters for custom orders – I use a razor blade. (Yes…, I have the scars to show for it.)  Not a week goes by, when I haven’t created a new and unique weapon – something I would love to keep and use myself.

I have also developed special techniques for embellishing the weapons at a reasonable cost; so that, those who cannot afford a one of a kind, hand-carved, and hand-painted masterpiece, can still own a dream weapon of their own.

I have also added a specially formulated latex coating over the gaff tape, as well as an ideal top coating, which makes the weapon more flexible and softer.  So that the weapons do not feel like you are swinging a baseball bat – even in the middle of winter. 

The weapons we use at a LARP are as much a reflection on us as our costuming.  Yes, we can use a couple of towels pinned at the shoulder to represent a tabard and some foam slapped on a piece of PVC with duct tape wrapped around it – but I won’t, and neither should you.

My motto for doing business is not to charge more, but to sell more.  If I sell you a product that gives you unsurpassed value, uncompromising quality, unconditional satisfaction, and unmatched service, Tyger Knight Smithy stands out with unequaled distinction.  To accomplish this, every time you have contact with us, make a purchase from us, or just call to say “hi” – I want you to feel like you got a good deal; because, then you will come back to me for your future needs, and both of our businesses will succeed.  So, I sell you the very highest quality product at the very best prices I can.

Ty Ballard
Tyger Knight Smithy

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