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The ostensible supporters of the Constitution, like the ostensible supporters of most other governments, are made up of three classes, viz.: 1. Knaves, a numerous and active class, who see in the government an instrument which they can use for their own aggrandizement or wealth. 2. Dupes--a large class, no doubt--each of whom, because he is allowed one voice out of millions in deciding what he may do with his own person and his own property, and because he is permitted to have the same voice in robbing, enslaving, and murdering others, that others have in robbing, enslaving, and murdering himself, is stupid enough to imagine that he is a "free man," a "sovereign"; that this is a "free government"; "a government of equal rights," "the best government on earth," and such like absurdities. 3. A class who have some appreciation of the evils of government, but either do not see how to get rid of them, or do not choose to so far sacrifice their private interests as to give themselves seriously and earnestly to the work of making a change.

~Lysander Spooner (1808-1887), American Philosopher, Legal Scholar



A humanist is a pagan.  Here is the epic of paganism.

Christians can either be the bug or they can be the windshield

Christianity is a life and it is time Christians live the life.

Legitimate Government and the Kingship of Jesus Christ

Slavery -- Failure of an Armed and Christian People


Those who attack the Confederate Battle Flag are engaged in an act of self-righteous hypocrisy that will come back to haunt them.  A far more compelling case can be made against "the Stars and Stripes" as a symbol of slavery, treason, and sedition than against the Confederate Battle Flag.



If all you can do is follow the herd then you are being Borked.

America is about to reap the whirlwind from state terrorism and it will come from our own government.

The Second Amendment – Imperative for a free people.

There are a number of very good reason why the U.S. Government fears an armed population.

Americans will harvest the shame of their silence and compromise.

Freedom is a double edged sword. 

There will be tyranny because it is "general of men, that they are ungrateful, fickle, false, cowardly, covetous…”.

People constantly speak of ‘the government’ doing this or that, as they might speak of God doing it. But the government is really nothing but a group of men, and usually they are very inferior men. They may have some better man working for them, but they themselves are seldom worthy of any respect.~Henry L. Mencken (1880-1956), Journalist and Author

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