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But Foreign Aid Is Bribery!

 by Jacob G. Hornberger


Horrors! Sen. Edward Kennedy has thrown the Washington establishment into turmoil by making the shocking observation that the Bush administration is using U.S. foreign aid to bribe foreign governments to support its occupation of Iraq. “My belief is this money is being shuffled all around to these political leaders in all parts of the world, bribing them to send in troops,” Kennedy said, causing Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to describe the accusation as “disgusting” and “false.”

The real reason that everyone is so upset is that Kennedy has spoken the truth. The plain and simple truth is that foreign aid is nothing more than an integral and perverse part of the U.S. government’s morally bankrupt foreign policy, not only because its primary purpose is to bribe, blackmail, and extort foreign regimes into doing Washington’s bidding, but also because of the enormously destructive consequences it has.

Kennedy’s use of Turkey is, of course, a perfect example. Prior to its invasion of Iraq, the U.S. government offered Turkey $26 billion to permit the United States to use Turkey as a base of operations to invade Iraq from the north. When the Turkish parliament voted against the proposal, Turkey didn’t get the money. If that’s not a bribe, what is it?

And let’s not forget how foreign aid is used to blackmail and extort foreign regimes that have been made dependent by years of U.S. foreign aid largess. The threat is a simple one: Do as we say or lose your dole.

For example, when Yemen voted against a UN resolution authorizing United States to use force against Iraq in 1990, UN Ambassador Thomas Pickering walked over to the Yemeni ambassador and said, “That’s the most expensive No vote you ever cast.” According to writer John Pilger, “Within three days, a U.S aid program to one of the world’s poorest countries was stopped. Yemen suddenly had problems with the World Bank and the IMF; and 800,000 Yemeni workers were expelled from Saudi Arabia.”

Pilger adds,

When the United States sought another resolution to blockade Iraq, two new members of the Security Council were duly coerced. Ecuador was warned by the US ambassador in Quito about the “devastating economic consequences” of a No vote. Zimbabwe was threatened with new IMF conditions for its debt. The punishment of impoverished countries that opposed the attack was severe. Sudan, in the grip of a famine, was denied a shipment of food aid.

Helping the poor is the standard justification for foreign aid. In fact, it’s not uncommon for supporters of foreign aid to hit foreign-aid opponents with what has become a standard bromide employed against opponents of all government welfare programs: “You hate the poor!”

What nonsense, especially given that foreign aid not only does not help the poor but instead actually reinforces the poverty it is supposedly designed to combat. Consider the following articles:

Foreign Aid: Help or Hindrance,” by Doug Bandow

Turn Off Foreign Aid,” by Richard Rahn

Foreign Aid: End It, Don’t Mend It,” by Stephen Moore

Let’s also keep in mind that if the purpose of foreign aid really was to help the world’s poor, why would the U.S. government steadfastly maintain an extensive web of domestic subsidies, tariffs, and import quotas, knowing the horrific damage they cause poor people all over the globe?

Let’s also not forget the perverse role that U.S. foreign aid plays in U.S. foreign policy, specifically in its use to prop up and strengthen the ability of tyrannical regimes to suppress and brutalize their own people. Consider these two articles:

America’s Pro-Terrorism Foreign-Aid Program,” by James Bovard

America’s Hypocritical, Counterproductive Foreign Aid,” by James Bovard

Consider also the large amount of military foreign aid that is given away, which is sometimes used to brutalize foreigners as well as citizens. A good example entailed the biological and chemical weapons that the United States delivered to Saddam Hussein; they were used to kill both Iranians and Iraqis.

Of course, whenever someone objects to foreign aid to countries in the Middle East, whether Arab or Israel, aid defenders employ the same types of tactics as those used by defenders of aid for the poor in Third World countries: “You hate Arabs” or “You hate Jews.” In fact, it’s sometimes amusing to see U.S. conservatives or even libertarians defending foreign aid to Israel while at the same time declaiming indignantly against the food-stamp mother standing in the grocery store line. What those conservatives and libertarians conveniently block out of their minds is that the same moral principles that argue against domestic welfare apply equally to foreign welfare. That is, given that it’s morally wrong for the state to take the money of Person A to give it to Person B, it is equally wrong for the state to take the money of Persons A and B to give it to officials in foreign governments.

Finally, it is impossible to ignore the deep anger, animosity, and hatred that U.S. foreign aid has engendered among people all over the world, including terrorists who are now bent on killing Americans. Why would we expect it to be otherwise, especially when such aid has often been used by so many recipient regimes in such destructive ways?

Senator Kennedy has obviously stirred up a Washington firestorm by stating the truth about U.S. foreign aid. It is bribery, and it’s also blackmail, extortion, and stealing. Moreover, given that God has created a universe in which evil means inevitably beget rotten consequences, how can we be surprised that the results of foreign aid have been so perverse and destructive?

Mr. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. Send him email.

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Public Servant: Public Tyrant

By Jack Duggan


What do you call people who worry about what the other guy believes, what he privately does and how he raises his family? Politicians and politician wannabees. It is this odd class of humanity that feels impelled to pontificate how others must live, worship, believe and conform, yet exempts themselves from the review of those very same others. The media, the Fourth Estate which many call "the last empty lot on the left," had once kept the politicians in check. Today the media is so hopelessly compromised politically and economically that western civilization is subjected to spin control instead of the truth.

One truth you will not hear in the media is this statement:


Think about it. Do you consider such behavior normal? If so, do those who achieve public office behave normally? Or do they behave differently?

We must consider that aspiring for elected office is a mental disease similar to Delusions of Grandeur. The office seeker not only thinks he or she is wiser and grander than the teeming masses he/she wants to "serve," but cares more than us average citizens. Being so much wiser, only they can tell us freedom-challenged plebeians how we must eat, believe, work, play, travel and even exist.

Make no mistake – anyone who willingly runs for public office is your enemy, not your friend. We are lusterless saps when we fall under their evil influence by joining them in political groups that have labels, such as Democrat, Socialist, Republican, Green Peace, Libertarian, et al. All such labels are meant to identify targets. And anyone who allows themself to be so identified is asking to have his or her freedom, if not their life, ended by another label group that gains power over them in the future.

Think outside the ballot box. Think, "No party is the only party." Think of the Founding Fathers who hated the concept of interrupting their busy lives to govern and to legislate. This is why Congressional terms were limited to two years, because the Founders hated to be stuck serving their beloved country even though it was necessary " provide for the common defense." What has replaced those great men and attitudes has ascended from the very pits of Hell:  tyranny by the-STATE-is-the-only-god central government.

If you don't believe that our federal leaders think they're God, then call your Congressional Representative and ask how much on an average was deducted last year from every Congresscritter's paycheck for Social Security. The answer is, "Zero." Congress passes mostly unconstitutional ‘laws’ and sets them on your back, but exempts itself from the vast majority of them, just like the English kings we rebelled against.

We never really escaped from under the thumb of disdainful royalty, we just took the crown off one head and placed it over hundreds of other heads in Washington, D.C.

It used to be that the government feared us, just as George III learned to fear us. But today it is we who fear government because its kangaroo courts enforce unconstitutional "laws" with impunity since the media allowed itself to be neutered years ago by the IRS and FCC.

First there was asset forfeiture before conviction. When no one complained that evolved further into civil rights forfeiture before conviction. Today there is human rights forfeiture not only before conviction, but before charges are even read, without arraignment, without a trial and without even a phone call to let someone know why you're missing.

Irritate anyone with a federal badge and you can be sent straight to prison without any rights at all, never hearing the charges against you, never knowing who it was who informed on you, and without knowing if you will ever have a day in court before you die naturally or due to inmate assault. Indefinitely.

In conquering Saddam's Iraq, we have become Saddam's Iraq. All because our elected officials are mentally ill like Saddam.

Those that honor the God of Abraham all realize that God has bound Himself in one thing alone:  to never, ever override the free wills of mankind, individually or collectively.

People who seek to override the free will of others are placing themselves above God. Those who seek to force you to do anything whatsoever against your conscience and human dignity are making themselves greater than God. To them, your property, your children and even your life are expendable when you challenge their Übermensch supremacy.

You have the Natural Right to resist such individuals, even nations, by whatever means that are at your disposal. If you do not do so, and do so today rather than tomorrow, then you will become the very people spoken of by Winston Churchill:

"If you will not fight for your rights when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight – when your victory will be sure and not too costly – then you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and with only a small chance of survival.

There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

Ask yourself that why it is in the "Land of the Free" that our government has more people in jail per capita than any other nation on earth. We have over five times as many prisoners as communist China, which we view as more tyrannical than the USA.

Many will say that the Chinese are slaves to the state. Yet we are just like Chinese citizens in not comprehending our own slavery.

We Westerners do not see that we no longer can buy or sell property, get a job, travel, or even get married without government permission. All of this was brought to us by elitists who made careers of pretending to serve us while empowering only themselves. Mentally ill elitists.

People used to joke about "lunatics running the asylum." The Marx Brothers were expert at such antics onscreen. But look around you, America, and see that the mentally ill are running this asylum-country.

And no one is laughing, except the new Groucho with the mustache and cigar who smirks as he sees the USA becoming more like him every day, just like his country that surrounds the ignoble and shameful Guantanamo Bay P.O.W. Dogpound. He finds great amusement that the US brought even "unlawful-combatant" kids there in hoods so that America doesn't have to obey the same Geneva Convention that it demands that Castro and all other nations must obey.

When the asylum is overrun by its patients, even teenagers and children are put in cages while the elected lunatics preen before the cameras like Alice Cooper, anxious to welcome all of us to their nightmare.

September 27, 2003

Jack Duggan [send him mail] lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, New Jersey, site of the anthrax mailings) with his family.

Copyright İ 2003



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