Workshop #3 - Advanced & Intermediate Zydeco Dance (60 minutes)

Features: Zydeco Steps Covered:
  • 80 MINUTES of dance instruction
  • Practice music at slow & normal tempos
  • 12 Advanced and Intermediate Moves
  • DVD Menu to go direct to any move
  • Music by Nooney & the Zydeco Floaters

Instructor: Greg Benusa

Price: $24.95

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  • The Floating Slide
  • Lafayette Tap Slide
  • Slide 360’s
  • The “V”
  • Reverse 360 Slide
  • Hand Toss with Floating Slide
  • Inside Turn to Open Position
  • 180’s Counter Clock Wise
  • Zydeco Washing Machine
  • Walk Throughs
  • Triple Step
  • Zydeco Swing 1/2 Turn
  • How to combine moves
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