Texas watermelon receives death penalty

circa July 13, 2008



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The Lady High Executioner, Carol Phillips, Jo Kyo Nym (1st dahn black belt)1, practices her backhand.  My apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan (reference "The Mikado").  Hmm....  Maybe I shouldn't be mixing Korean and Japanese motifs.


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Jo Kyo Nym takes a forehand swing.  The mat is soaked in water to get the resistance similar to a human neck.  This picture was taken in the Jo Kyo Nym's natural environment (at the dojang), in her usual attire (colors other than black being considered camouflage in her case).


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Protesters look on as the Lady High Executioner, dressed in her Star Wars Imperial Guard colors, lines up for the "short, sharp shock."  Or is that a Santa Claus costume?  No, she's not wearing a belt or hat.  I need to get her some boots, too.  Clara is in green.  Peter is wearing his good "Sunday go to meetin's" pocket protector.  The wooden brace in the foreground is part of a knife-throwing target.  The thing in front of Peter that looks like a black Labrador puppy is named Dragon, but we think, based on the destructive power of his tail, that he is actually a small diplodocus.  Photograph by Keegan.


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There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded watermelon.  The hand on the right belongs to Carol's mother, Thoral.


Footnote 1: This is obsolete. Carol is now Kyo Sa Nym (second dahn) Pu Sa Bum Nym (third dahn).


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