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Roast Turkey                                 Baked Ham
      Corn Bread Dressing with Giblet Gravy
Candied Sweet Potatoes       Green Beans
Apple and Celery Salad with Cooked Dressing
White Potatoes, mashed with Butter and Cream
*Oyster Scallop                    * Ambrosia
Corn Pudding                      Turnips
Creamed English Peas with Onions and New Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Mincemeat Pie                  Talley's Japanese Filling Cake
*Talley's Fruit Filling Cake   Pumpkin Pie
Fruit Cake                     *Egg Nog
 * Recipes below

AMBROSIA - Old family recipe  (from the Daffron Cookbook 1982)
6 oranges, peeled, cut up          1 pkg orange jello
2 cans cocoanut                        2 c. water
Peel and cut pu 5 or 6 oranges.  Add 2 cans of cocoanut.  Mix well.  Serve for salad or dessert.  In later years, the family learned to add jello to the oranges and kept it in a big crock.  Still later, bananas or pineapple were added.
OYSTER SCALLOP (given to me by Jennie Maude Daffron Anderson)
1 pint Oysters (to 1 Qt baking dish.  Buy enough to cover bottom of dish)
Butter bottom of dish.  Crumble crackers in bottom of Dish
Check for pieces of shell in Oysters.  Cover with undrained Oysters then crumble more Crackers on top.
Pour enough Half & Half milk to cover the crackers (2/3 half & half 1/3 Milk)
Generously top with butter.
Cook until heated, about 20 to 30 minutes at 400.
TALLYE'S FRUIT FILLING CAKE (from Daffron Cookbook 1982)
2 c.sugar                                  1/2 box (1 c.) raisins
1 c. butter                                1 c. pecans
8 egg yolks                              1 c. walnuts
1 box dates                             1 large bag cocoanut
Cream sugar and butter, then add egg yolks.  Cut up dates and add dates, raisins and nuts.  Cook in double boiler for 1 hour. (You can skip the double boiler and put in a heavy pan for about 20 minutes, stirring all the time.)
When nmixture leaves the side and bottom of pan, it is done.  Add cocoanut. Then ice a white 2 layer cake.
EGGNOG- Old Family Recipe (from Daffron Cookbook 1982)
6 eggs, separated                     1 oz. rum
3/4 c. sugar                              1 pt. whiskey
1 pt. cream                               Nutmeg
1 pt. milk
Beat separately, yolks and whites of eggs.  Add 1/2 cup sugar to yolks while beating.  Add 1/4 cup of sugar to whites after they have been beaten very stiff.  Mix egg whites with egg yolks.  Stir in cream and milk.  Add rum.  Add 1 cup whiskey.  Stir thoroughly.  Add remaining whiskey if needed.  Serve very cold in cups with sprinkle of nutmeg.

If you would like to send me your old family recipes to be included on this page, please do.   Go to my Contact page.   Be sure to include the family line and your full name, so I can credit you. 
Jennie Turner-Talley