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I have felt for some time that Michael Daffron was the father of Rody Daffron.   After creating my database, I found that he was the only one that moved as Rody stated in his Revolutionary War  pension application:


“That I the said Rody Daffron am very old, illiterate and have failed much in memory and cannot recollect the year I volunteered but principally the service and duty I performed that……………….”


“I the said Rody Daffron was born in the State of Maryland . My Father and mother moved to Virginia ButeCounty and when I was about 7 or 8 years old, my father moved to North Carolina, Randolph County where we lived  20 odd years, and then moved to South Carolina and lived 5 or 6 years and then moved to Wayne County in the State of Kentucky where I now live, having resided in this state about 30 years …………”


Bute County was in North Carolina.  I believe he said  “to Virginia, (pause) Bute County”   meaning (2) separate places.    He says “my father moved to North Carolina, Randolph County……”  does this mean his mother died in Bute County?  He also states on application that he was living at Six Mile Creek when he volunteered for service.  This was in Mecklenburg, North Carolina.  That is not accounted for above.


Rody applied in 1832.  He states he is 75 at that time of application.   In the above statement he says  “7 or 8 years”, 20 years, 5 or 6 years, about 30 years.   This would be between 62 and 64 years accounted for.  So I have to go back to the beginning of his application,


“That I the said Rody Daffron am very old, illiterate and have failed much in memory and cannot recollect the year I volunteered but principally the service and duty I performed that……………….”


And assume his memory has failed also in remembering the exact years they moved from county to county, state to state.


I have found Michael in the following places on the following dates.




1764 Bute County was founded in 1764 from the eastern part of Granville County.


1770 Michl. Dafron is listed in Bute County, North Carolina Tax Records  “1770 by Sheriff”



 Cummings Warrick & Co vs Daffron. The same Jurors Sworn & Verd't for L20 & Costs.


1779 Bute County was divided into Franklin County and Warren County, and ceased to exist.


 1779 Michael Dafron is listed in Randolph Co.  North Carolina Census 1790-1890, Tax List.   He is listed (3) times ?


1800 Michael Daffern is listed in Spartanburgh Co, South Carolina Census Records.

2 Males under 10 ,

 1 Male 26 thru 44,

1 Male 45 & over, ( the “& over”  is possible the key here)

 1 Female 10 thru 15,

1 Female 26 thru 44


1815 Micael Daffron Spartanburgh Co. South Carolina County Records

SPARTANBURGH COUNTY RECORDS OF THE COMMISSIONERS OF THE POOR   Ordered that Micael Daffron be allow.d. $10 p.r. month till the fourth Monday in January next to commence from this date




Now thanks to John & Judy Daffron from the Owen Daffron line, we can put Michael in Fairfax, Virginia somewhere between 1749 and 1754. From:  Fairfax Co VA  Order Book 1749-54  pp79, 431 and 433.   



Dead of Feoffment  from Michael Daffron and Peter Rust to John Barnet was by the said Dafron and Rust acknowledged and admitted to record.


***Feoffment , formerly, the transfer of possession of an English freehold estate by a ceremony called livery of seisin (q.v.), which consisted of a public delivery of the land by the transferor to the transferee.  This usually recorded in an instrument called a deed of feoffment.


From Judy Daffron:


“I have read that a Deed of Feoffment was quite often used when inherited property was being transferred.  It would be interesting to know if there was a family connection between Michael and either of the other two individuals.”



This is very exciting!   It puts Michael in Virginia, one of my missing links from Rody's statement and it is the only Daffron to show up in Fairfax, VA where John said he was born.  Are we getting closer?


Thank you John and Judy for sharing this with me and allowing me to publish to my website.

Copy of Deed of Feoffment
from John and Judy Daffron

In September of 2010 I sent off for information from the North Carolina State Archives.  Two Items Request.
Revolutionary Army accounts:
Mecklenburg County
Revolutionary Pay Vouchers:
Hillsborough District, $4502, 9 Sept 1783 M Dafrin, unspecified claim
 Received a copy of a voucher to Mi...l Dafrin from State of North Carolina for his claim and was allowed Nine pounds.  The back show 3yrs and 6mos.
Also a copy of a list of names filed by Thomas harris Sheff of Mecklenburg.
I also saw Dafren, Road.  I requested it. 
Revolutionary Army Accounts:
Road Dafron
Hillsborough District
Revolutionary Pay Vouchers:
Hillsborough District #5650, 1 Oct 1783, Road Dafron, unspecified claim.
His shows:  Ro____ Dafron ____his claim & was allowed Thirteen pounds ten shillings _________
Is this Rody?  I have never seen another R____ Dafron. from this time. The area is right.
See copies below.  Both had the circle on them.  Must have been put in a binder or something.