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Elhannon Winchester Daffron

Elhannon & Nancy taken in 1849

From a portion of diary found in the desk of Jennie Maude Daffron Anderson.

She was trying to get a photo of Elhanon Daffron from her uncle. She did not receive the photo.

" It all started in my hunt for antiques. Being one of those suckers who tries to find something for nothing I went to visit my paternal Aunt's Husband. My aunt having died around fifteen years ago. Uncle Crave is approaching eighty but for his stooped gait and twisting false teeth, he seemed hale and hearty. I let his second wife Maude, (in her is a story itself), ask him for the picture. It was of my Grandparents, Grandmother and Grandfather Daffron.

Uncle Crave took the picture carefully in his hand and as he caressed it he began:

"Now, my grandmother knew him when he was young. You know he was part Indian. Haney, No Elhaney Daffron. He was a great athletic. Runner, jumper" and between each word he seemed to pause and reflect as if he were recalling some specific incident. "Wrestler - Why no one in Kentucky could throw him. Of course he did let a man now and then for the fun of it but really no one could pin him down. Altho when I knew him he was middle age he was still tall, quick and straight like a brave or warrior. His Indian blood came from his mother's side of the family."

The Aunt & Uncle referred to above are:

viii. MARY EVALINE DAFFRON, b. February 28, 1859, , , KY; d. February 27, 1926, Murphy,

Collin, TX; m. (1) JACKSON H. PHIPPS, April 14, 1889, , Wayne County, KY; b. August

26, 1858, Beaver Creek, Wayne, KY; d. September 02, 1927, , Wayne County, KY; m.

(2) TIMOLEN CRAVE PARMLEY, January 25, 1893, McKinney, Collin, TX; b. April 04,

1858, , , KY; d. February 04, 1945, TX. (This info is from research by Susan Holmes Burns)

This would put the time of visit around 1938 to 1941.