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Turner Brigade--History

Co. M's Guns 1 & 2 at Fort Davidson State Historic Site  pkguns06.jpg 43987 bytes

Company M's Ames 3-pdr. and Filley gun at sunrise at Fort Davidson State Historic Site in Pilot Knob, Missouri, October 2006.









A love of history is obviously a key element to the reenactor. The following represents just a small part of the fruits of Brigade members’ research into the background of the original units we represent, and into the events that shaped St. Louis and Missouri in the period around the Civil War.

Excerpts from the Annual Report of the Adjutant General of Missouri for the Year ending December 31, 1865.

1st Missouri Light Artillery

1st Missouri Infantry

17th Missouri Infantry



The Woodruff Gun by Dr. John Margreiter, reprinted from Civil War Times Illustrated (with permission). Includes annotations and recent research.


Biographical Sketches

Giles F. Filley, St. Louis industrialist

David Murphy, Missouri Artillery Officer

Joseph L. Follet, Missourian awarded the Medal of Honor

Joseph Garneau, Forgotten Cracker King

James A. Mulligan and the Western Irish Brigade


News of 150 Years Ago: Articles from the Missouri Democrat

March/April 1859 -- O. D. Filley is reelected Mayor of St. Louis; Daniel E. Sickles murders Philip Barton Key in Washington, D.C.

May/June 1859 -- Carstang vs. Shaw Breach of Promise Suit, Southern Commercial Convention in Vicksburg, Horse-drawn streetcars in St. Louis, Buried Alive, Sharps Breech-loading Rifles, A Model Newspaper

July/August 1859 -- The Grand Experimental Air Voyage to the Atlantic Coast.

September 1859 -- Sam Hawken in the Pike’s Peak Gold Fields, Fourth Annual Fair of the St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association.

October 1859 -- Insurrection at Harper’s Ferry.

November/December 1859 -- Execution of John Brown, State wrests control of St. Louis Police Board, Thanksgiving, the Sons of Malta, John Wise on Thaddeus S. C. Lowe, “How to Get Married”.

January-February 1860 -- Down the Iron Mountain Railroad, Who the New York Tribune thinks should be nominated by the Chicago convention, Frank Blair speaks at Cooper Union, Abraham Lincoln speaks at Cooper Union, Henry Boernstein retires as editor of the Anzeiger des Westens.

March-April 1860 -- The Pony Express: Nine Days from California, Carstang vs. Shaw, round 2: Conclusions of the Breach of Promise Trial, the Vera Cruz incident: War with Mexico.

May-June 1860 -- The Democratic convention in Charleston, Douglas nominated at the reconvened Democratic convention in Baltimore, Bell nominated by the Constitutional Union convention in Baltimore, Lincoln nominated by the Republican convention in Chicago, Breckinridge nominated by breakaway Southern Democrats, Frank Blair awarded contested Congressional seat, the St. Louis Courthouse dome is under construction, Mormon sects split, Japanese envoys visit Washington, “rumored removal of Holy See to St. Louis”.

July-August 1860 -- Will Jackson and Reynolds support Douglas or Breckinridge? German Republicanism in Illinois, Lincoln’s campaign biography, “the four parties and two principles”, twenty houses of ill repute sacked, boxing champion John C. Heenan returns from England, the steamboat Spread Eagle on the upper Missouri, civil war in Syria, Republicans triumph in local elections, William Walker returns to Nicaragua, the Chicago Zouaves perform in St. Louis.

March-April 1861 -- Lincoln inaugurated, Minute Men show secession flag in St. Louis, Fort Sumter surrenders, President calls for troops and Missouri Governor refuses and calls militia into camp, St. Louis volunteers flock to enlist in U.S. service anyway, Mayor Taylor inaugurated, Britain and France in naval arms race.

October 1861 -- Eads’ gunboats launched, 1st Missouri Light Artillery trains, the Pony Express ceases operations, telegraph service established with the Pacific coast, Mr. Cox and his revolving gun, the Armstrong gun and the Enfield rifle, Fremont buys Hall rifles, the Battle of Fredericktown.

November-December 1861 -- Fremont removed from command in Missouri, Zagonyi’s charge, the Battle of Belmont, the Trent Affair, how to dry a tent, soldier’s complaints, “Delusions as to Bayonet Wounds”, Grant and Sherman out?, Halleck’s Order No. 24, the Ladies’ Union Aid Society ramps up its activities, will the Prince of Wales succeed Queen Victoria soon?, “Bishop Timon Pronounces Against Low-Necked Dresses”, “A Peep Into the Sheik’s Harem”, “The Art of Shopping”. the new state of Kanawha.

January-February 1862 -- The St. Louis Chamber of Commerce splits over secession.

March-April 1862 -- The death of Willie Lincoln, the Monitor and the Merrimac, the fall of Columbus and Nashville, battles at Pea Ridge, Island No. 10 and Shiloh, the Western Sanitary Commission responds, letters from Orpheus C. Kerr.


Pages from the Past: Articles from the Missouri Democrat

A History of Rifled Cannon, July 18, 1861

The National Thanksgiving, November 24, 1864

Washington’s Birthday Celebration, February 23, 1862

Flag Ceremony at Allenton, August 9, 1861


Pages from the Past: Articles from the Missouri Republican

The Army in Virginia, August 20, 1862

"The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers", August 20, 1862


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