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La La La, I'm not listening
CB & Jesse
Me & Jesse Gess

Can I get a picture with ya Camden?
Prairie Prince & Camden
Can I get a picture with ya Prairie?

A Message from the Curator:

Thanks for visiting! It is my pleasure to throw open the doors to the Par Can Warhouse and plunder all the wonderful things he has to share with us.

As you will see the Par Can Warehouse and his Time Line are a unique glimps into the back stage world of one of the world's greatest RocknRoll circus'. PC takes us behind the grease paint, takes us under the big top, takes us into a trunk or two.

Where'd ya get it?
Camden plays Berekley
You gave it to us!

No, seriously Fee, I mean it!
Fee & Camden
I am sure you can get arrested for that, Camden.

Is that real spandex you are wearing?
Say that again an' I'll break your other leg!

Concert dates are as accurate as possible. If you see one missing please let me know. Par Can's comments are on the right side of the Time Line as are the review enteries and special notes.

It's all right here behind the glass, so keep checking back.


I hope you enjoy your stay. BTW,  I am claming Fair Use on all this stuff so no tag backs. Remember copy right laws are here, 'cause you're there.

Many thanks to the wonderful Tubes fans out there, I see ya.


Camden, Chopper, Geoff
Camden, Chopper, Geoff

What Birdie?
Vince, Camden & Michael
Vince Welnick, Camden, MIchael Cotten

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Who are you an' why are you stopping me?
Dana & Camden
Welcome to the Building, Mr Carvey. the city in New Jersey?
Todd & Camden - Fillmore 2004
....Unlike the City, I wash!