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Par Can's Tube Time Line


February ‘87

19th Thu              Country Club; Reseda CA audio


April ‘87

24th Fri               Harpo’s; Detroit MI audio


May ‘87

1st Fri                 Unknown; Norfolk VA audio


“Penile Dementia” N.M.E. (UK) SW

September ‘87

19th 2nd Sat          Palace Theatre; Hollywood CA audio

Unknown                 Coach House; San Juan Capistrano CA audio

23rd Wed             Bogart’s Marina; Long Beach CA audio


November ‘87

25th Wed             Zeche Bochum audio

27th Fri               Jovel Musik Halle; Munster audio

29th Sun              Fabric; Hamburg audio  -  sound check and gig


December ‘87

1st Tue                Biskuit Halle; Bonn audio



October ‘88

31st                   Odyssey Room; Sunnyvale Ca    CMB

                             (Spooner Fronted)



Unknown              Cactus Club; San Jose Ca         CMB

                             (Killingsworth Fronted)

Unknown              Unknown; Hamilton OT

audio  -  released as "Dressed To Kill"


May ‘89

16th                   Modernes; Bremen audio

17th                   Musik Circus; Oberhausen

18th                   Metropole; West Berlin

19th                   Heilbronn

21st                   Serenadenhaus; Nurnberg

22nd                   Teatre Fabric; Munchen

23rd                   Garage Ratstatt

24th                   Mannheim


June ‘89

1st                          Musik Theatre; Kassel audio

3rd                          Festival grounds; Kamen

                                    support act: Herman Brood



1990-1992 Roger, Rick, Prairie, Gary

circa 1990 Boat House; San Francisco Ca (Steen)       CMB


September ‘90


Vince joins the Grateful Dead as their keyboard player.

Vince Welnick joins the Grateful Dead. Approximately 33 shows with GD.


 Vince plays approximately 78 shows with GD.



February ‘92


“Wacky Cult Band Rides Again: After Decade the Tubes are Back” SOUTH COAST TODAY, Kira L. Billik, Associated Press writer 


June ‘92

17th                   Thunder Bay, Berkley Ca

                                    Sponge Mummies


July ‘92

1st                     Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco Ca

                                    Sponge Mummies

2nd                    I-Beam, San Francisco Ca

                                    Sponge Mummies

3rd                     BedRock Cafe, Saratoga Ca       CMB

                                    Sponge Mummies

8th                     Berkley Square, Berkley Ca

                                    Sponge Mummies

26th                   New George’s; San Rafael

                                    Sponge Mummies

Prairie Prince sits in with Jefferson Starship for this year’s Haight Street Fair.


November ‘92

The Mummy Speaks Issue #1




December ‘92

The Mummy Speaks Issue #1



“Newest of the Dead is grateful to be there.” San Jose Mercury News EYE; Brad Kava. Vince Welnick interview.




Unknown               Unknown; Unknown


January ‘93

23rd Sat                   Catalyst; Santa Cruz Ca audio         CMB

                                    Sponge Mummies ( Spooner, Beil, ) opened for: Greg Khin Band


18th Thu              Last Chance Saloon, San Francisco Ca audio    CMB

                                    Sponge Mummies


March ‘93

The Mummy Speaks Issue #3


April ‘93


“Bill Spooner Interview”, Bay Area Bands,

Steve Kelly

Vince Welnick, Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia sing the National Anthem at SF Giant’s Season Opener, Candle Stick Park, San Francisco Ca

July ‘93

22nd Thur             Music in the Park; San Jose Ca audio     CMB

                             Featuring Fee Waybill


November ‘93

28th                    Oasis Club; San Jose Ca  CMB

                             featuring Fee Waybill




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