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Par Can's Tube Time Line


December 1978 & January 1979 "REMOTE CONTROL" Recorded at Music Annex; Menlo Park CA


February ‘79

13th – 16th Tue      Palace of Fine Arts; San Francisco CA rehearsals

17th Sat              Warner’s Theatre; Fresno CA 2 shows

18th Sun              Memorial Auditorium; Sacramento CA

19th Mon              Civic Auditorium; Santa Cruz CA          CMB

21st Wed             International Sports Arena; San Diego CA

22nd & 23rd Thu          Celebrity Theatre; Phoenix AZ

                                    support act: ELVIS DUCK

24th Sat              Temple of Music and Art; Tucson AZ cancelled

executive inn hotel; Tucson AZ

25th Sun              U.N.M. Pope Joy Hall; Albuquerque NM


March ‘79

“Remote Control” is released.  Reaches # 46 in the Rolling Stone chart.

10th Sat

Remote Control reviewed in weekly music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)


Crew fly from Los Angeles CA to Tucson AZ on Continental flight #56. executive inn Tucson AZ

30th Fri               Temple of Music and Art; Tucson AZ

Band fly from Los Angeles CA to Tucson AZ on Continental flight #74


31st Sat               Convention and Performing Arts Centre Civic Theatre; San Diego CA

Crew fly from Tucson AZ to San Diego CA on Western flight #701

Band fly from Tucson AZ to San Diego CA on Western flight #215

WIVB TV  "PM Magazine" -  Buffalo NY  TV show audio



April ‘79

2nd Mon               Westwood U.C.L.A. Royce Hall; Los Angeles CA

le parc hotel West Hollywood CA

3rd Tue                Westwood U.C.L.A. Royce Hall; Los Angeles CA 2 shows audio

4th Wed               Westwood U.C.L.A. Royce Hall; Los Angeles CA 2 shows audio

5th Thu                Westwood U.C.L.A. Royce Hall; Los Angeles CA 2 shows

8th Sun                U.C.B. Mackay Auditorium; Boulder CO

                                    support act: SQUEEZE

Hilton harvest house hotel Boulder CO

Band fly from San Francisco CA to Denver CO on United flight #372

Roger Steen flight from Phoenix AZ to Denver CO on Frontier flight #100

 Boulder CO to Kansas City MO, 616 miles

10th Tue              Memorial Hall; Kansas City MO

                                    support act: SQUEEZE

holiday inn city centre Kansas City MO


11th Wed

Travel day

Kansas City MO to Minneapolis MN, 451 miles,

Radisson downtown hotel Minneapolis MN

12th Thu              U.M.M. Northrop Auditorium; Minneapolis MN

                                    support act: SQUEEZE

Radisson downtown hotel Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis MN to Chicago IL, 405 miles

13th Fri               Uptown Theatre; Chicago IL

                                    support act: SQUEEZE

holiday inn city centre hotel Chicago IL

14th Sat

Day off

holiday inn city centre hotel Chicago IL

15th Sun              Oriental Theatre; Milwaukee WI

                                    support act: SQUEEZE

Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI, 87 miles, 90 minutes

holiday inn central hotel Milwaukee WI

Milwaukee WI to Flint MI, 344 miles

16th Mon              I.M.A. Sports Arena; Flint MI

                                    support act: SQUEEZE / APRIL WINE

holiday inn west hotel Flint MI

17th – 19th Tue           Masonic Auditorium; Detroit MI

                                    support act: SQUEEZE

Flint MI to Detroit MI, 60 miles, 75 minutes

St.Regis hotel Detroit MI

Detroit MI to Columbus OH, 200 miles

20th Fri               Franklin County Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium; Columbus OH

                                    support act: SQUEEZE / APRIL WINE

holiday inn on the lane hotel Columbus OH

Columbus OH to Cleveland OH, 140 miles

“Will The Tubes Get It All Now?” BAM Magazine (SF),

Liz Lufkin

21st Sat               Ohio Coliseum Theatre; Richfield OH audio

                                    support act: Squeeze

Swingo's hotel Cleveland OH

Cleveland OH to Toledo OH, 111 miles

22nd Sun             Sports Arena; Toledo OH

                                    support act: Squeeze

holiday inn downtown hotel Toledo OH

23rd Mon

Travel day

Toledo OH to Rochester NY, 766 miles,

holiday inn downtown Rochester NY

24th Tue              Auditorium Theatre; Rochester NY

                                    support act: Squeeze

holiday inn downtown hotel Rochester NY

25th Wed             Veteran’s War Memorial Auditorium; Buffalo NY Audio

                                    support act: Squeeze

Rochester NY to Buffalo NY, 70 miles, 80 minutes. Statler Hilton hotel Buffalo NY

Buffalo NY to Pittsburgh PA, 216 miles

26th Thu              Stanley Theatre; Pittsburgh PA

                                    support act: SQUEEZE / APRIL WINE

Carlton house hotel Pittsburgh PA

Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC, 221 miles

“Coliseum Review” SCENE Magazine; Bill Camarata

27th Fri               Georgetown University Mc Donough Arena; Washington DC audio

                                    support act: Squeeze

Marriott Key bridge hotel Arlington VA

Washington DC to New York City NY, 235 miles

28th Sat              Palladium; New York City NY

                                    support act: Squeeze

7th avenue Sheraton hotel Manhattan NY

New York City NY to Providence RI, 175 miles

29th Sun              Brown University Meehan Auditorium; Providence RI

                                    support act: Squeeze

Marriott hotel Providence RI

Providence RI to Portland ME, 159 miles

30th Mon              Paris Theatre; Portland ME

                                    support act: Squeeze

Sheraton hotel South Portland ME

“Pop: Tubes Parodies TV and Glitter Rock” by Ken Emerson, NY Times

“The Tubes Test Their Tradition” Scene Magazine; Bill Camarata April 19-26, 1979

“Tubes, April Wine, Squeeze” LIVE IN CONCERT, Coliseum April 21st Review


“Nearly a Full House for Raucous Tubes” In Review,

 Bruce Pilato, Auditorium Theatre Review

“Tubes, April Wine, Squeeze” Stanley Theatre Review,

 Dewey Gurall

“Pop: Tubes Parodies TV and Glitter Rock” Palladium Review,

Ken Emerson

“The Tubes” Palladium Review, GOOD TIMES June 4th 1979

 J.M. DeMatteis


May ‘79


1st Tue

Travel day

Portland ME to Clifton NJ,

Ramada inn hotel Clifton NJ

3rd Thu                Capitol Theatre Passaic NJ

                                    support act: Squeeze / Good Rats

Ramada inn hotel Clifton NJ

Passaic NJ to Philadelphia PA, 100 miles, 2 hours

4th Fri                 Upper Darby Tower Theatre; Philadelphia PA

                                    support act: Squeeze

holiday inn university hotel Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia PA to Boston MA, 300 miles, 5 hours

5th Sat                Orpheum Theatre; Boston MA 2 shows

                                    support act: Squeeze

hotel sonesta Cambridge MA

Boston MA to Hartford CT, 98 miles, 2 hours

6th Sun               Hard Rock Café; Hartford CT audio

                                    support act: Squeeze

hotel sonesta Cambridge MA

Hartford CT to Boston MA, 98 miles, 2 hours


7th Mon

Band and Crew fly from Boston MA to London. Prairie to San Francisco CA

9th Wed               Automatt Studios San Francisco CA audio

                              The Journey "Super Jam"  (Prairie)

10th Thu              Apollo Theatre; Glasgow load in / sound check      Par Can

Prairie flys from San Francisco CA to London on British Airways flight #

Then London to Glasgow on British Airways flight

holiday inn Glasgow

11th Fri               Apollo Theatre; Glasgow Par Can

                                    support act: Squeeze

Glasgow to Edinburgh, 60 miles, 1 hour.

Fee interviewed by local paper the "Daily Record" under the title "Tubes Cut The Frills"

12th Sat              Odeon Theatre Edinburgh audio   Par Can

                                    support act: Squeeze

posthouse Edinburgh

Edinburgh to Newcastle, 107 miles, 2 hours

13th Sun         City Hall; Newcastle 8:30pm / 6:30pm cancelled

royal station hotel; Newcastle

14th Mon

Day off / Travel, Newcastle to Liverpool

holiday inn Liverpool

Mingo, Prairie, Re, Leroi and ParCan attend concert in Birkenhead by rock band “UK

15th Tue              Empire Theatre; Liverpool 8:30pm / 6:30pm cancelled

                                    support act: Squeeze

holiday inn Liverpool

Band and Band Crew, Liverpool to London

16th Wed             A.M. Barnes recording studios London    Par Can

                   Recording the backing track for "Prime Time" for T.O.T.P.

                        P.M.  BBC  “Top of The Pops” studio London TV show     Par Can

royal Lancaster hotel London

17th Thu              Apollo Theatre; Manchester      Par Can

grand hotel Manchester

18th Fri                Odeon Theatre; Birmingham 2 shows        Par Can

Albany hotel Birmingham

19th Sat               Colston Hall Bristol 8:30pm / 6:30pm cancelled

                                    support act: Squeeze

holiday inn Bristol

Fee interviewed by Tony Parsons for future publication in music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)

Full page review of Edinburgh gig by Paul Morley appears in music paper "N.M.E." (UK)

20th Mon

Day off/Travel, Bristol to London

royal Lancaster hoter London

Mingo & ParCan attend concert at Hammersmith Odeon by German band “The Scorpions”


21st – 27th Tue      Hammersmith Odeon; London     Par Can

                                    support act: Squeeze

royal Lancaster hotel London

26th Sat

Fee interviewed by Tony Parsons in music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)

Michael interviewed by Tony Mitchell headlined "The Filter Stops Here" for future publication in weekly music paper "Sounds", plus a review of Manchester show by Mick Middles titled "Television Indecision" appears in "Sounds" (UK)


27th Sun

Band are joined onstage for encores by Glenn Tillbrook, Chris Difford and Jools Holland of Squeeze and

Chris Glen of S.A.H.B.

28th Mon

MUISk Joker Magazine (German) May 28th, pg;10 & 11

FEE WAYBILL  -  BBC radio 1 "Star Special" London

Fee records show for future broadcast on 08 / 07 / 1979

Day Off / Travel, London to Leicester

holiday inn Leicester


29th Tue              de Montfort Hall; Leicester        Par Can

                                    support act: Squeeze

holiday inn Leicester

30th Wed             Gaumont Theatre; Southampton Par Can

                             support act: Fashion

31st Thu              Conference Centre; Brighton     Par Can

                                    support act: Squeeze

Brighton to London, 70 miles, 90minutes

Kensington royal gardens London

“Television Indecision” SOUNDS (UK),

Mick Middles, Manchester Review



1st Fri                 Victoria Venue; London charity show        Par Can

                                    support act:TRIMMER and JENKINS

Kensington royal gardens London

2nd Sat

Band and Crew fly London to Stockholm, British Airways BA652

Sheraton hotel Stockholm


Day Off

Sheraton hotel Stockholm

4th Mon               Konserthuset storasalen; Stockholm     Par Can

Sheraton hotel Stockholm

Stockholm to Kobenhavn, 370 miles, plus ferry crossing, 7 hours

5th Tue                Frederiksberg falconarCentret teatret; Kobenhavn audio          Par Can

Band fly Stockholm to Kobenhavn, Scandanavian Air Service flight SK407

6th Wed               Konserthuset storasalen; Goteborg audio           Par Can

Band fly Kobenhavn to Goteborg, Scandanavian Air Service flight SK562. Ramada hotel Goteborg

7th Thu                EkebergHallen; Oslo audio Par Can

Band fly Goteborg to Oslo, KLM flight KL185. ambassador hotel Oslo

8th Fri

Crew travel day, Oslo to Hamburg, 520 miles plus ferry crossing, 9 hours

Band fly Oslo to Hamburg, Lufthansa flight LH023

eurocrest hotle Hamburg

9th Sat                Congress Centre Halle; Hamburg audio    Par Can

eurocrest hotel Hamburg

Hamburg to Ludwigshafen, 360 miles, 6 hours

“The Tubes: Hammersmith Odeon” Performance MUSIC WEEK (UK)

David Dalton

10th Sun              Freiderich ebert Halle grossersaal; Ludwigshafen        Par Can

Band fly Hamburg to Frankfurt am Main, Lufthansa flight LH704

Then by road to Ludwigshafen, 50 miles, 45 minutes. Pfalz hotel excelsior Ludwigshafen

11th Mon              StadtHalle; Offenbach    Par Can

Canadian pacific plaza hotel Frankfurt am Main

Offenbach to Hannover, 220 miles, 4 hours

12th Tue              NeidersachsenHalle; Hannover   Par Can

Band fly Frankfurt am Main to Hannover, Lufthansa flight LH821. intercontinental hotel Hannover

13th Wed             ZDF TV "Rock Pop" studio; Munchen TV show audio        Par Can

Crew travel day, Hannover to West Berlin, 170 miles plus 2 border crossings, 4 hours

seehof hotel, West Berlin. Band fly Hannover to Munchen, Lufthansa flight LH015. Hilton hotel; Munchen

14th Thu              EissesportsHalle; West Berlin audio          Par Can

Band fly Munchen to West Berlin, flight PA732. park zellermayer hotel West Berlin

West Berlin to Nurnberg, 260 miles plus 2 border crossings, 6 hours

15th Fri               HemmerleinHalle; Nurnberg        Par Can

Band fly West Berlin to Nurnberg, flight PA737. carlton hotel Nurnberg

Nurnberg to Munchen, 105 miles, 2 hours

16th Sat               Cirkus krone; Munchen Audio       Par Can

zdf tv "Rock Pop"  Munchen  -  TV broadcast

Band fly Nurnberg to Munchen, flight PA737. holiday inn Schwabling

Munchen to Amsterdam, 520 miles plus border crossing, 6 hours

17th Sun

Band fly Munchen to Amsterdam, KLM flight KL566

Marriott hotel Amsterdam

18th & 19th  Mon          Teatre carre; Amsterdam     Par Can

20th -21st Wed           Congressgabouw; Den Haagq         Par Can

Travel day, Den Haag to Nijmegan, 100 miles, 2 hours

parkhotel val monte et aub Berg en Dal

22nd Fri               Congressgabouw; de vereeniging Nijmegan      Par Can

parkhotel val monte et aub Berg en Dal

Nijmegan to Sitard, 120 miles, 2 hours

23rd Sat              Stadschouwburg; Sitard  Par Can

maastricht hotel Maastricht

Sitard to Dusseldorf, 150 miles plus border crossing, 3 hours

24th Sun              PhillipsHalle; Dusseldorf audio       Par Can

Band fly Amsterdam to Dusseldorf, flight HN423. Ramada hotel Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf to Stuttgart, 250 miles, 4 hours

25th Mon              LeiderHalle; Stuttgart     Par Can

Band fly Dusseldorf to Stuttgart, Lufthansa flight LH951. park hotel Stuttgart

Stuttgart to Wien, 400 miles plus border crossing, 6 hours

26th Tue

Band fly Stuttgart to Frankfurt on Lufthansa flight LH747,

then Frankfurt to Wien on Lufthansa flight LH254. intercontinental hotel Wien

27th Wed             a.m. Ohne Maulkorb TV audio       Par Can

                        p.m. StadtHalle Wien TV Par Can

intercontinental hotel Wien

Wien to Linz, 120 miles, 2 hours

The Tubes appear in “Smash Hits” magazine (UK)

28th Thu              DonauHalle; Linz  Par Can

tour hotel Linz

Linz to Zurich, 300 miles plus border crossing, 5 hours

29th Fri               Kongresshaus; Zurich     Par Can

Band fly Linz to Zurich, Swissair flight SR443. hotel zuricher Zurich

Zurich to Geneve, 180 miles, 3 hours

30th Sat              Palais des expositions; Geneva audio      Par Can

Band fly Zurich to Geneve, Swissair flight SR110. hotel century Geneve


July ‘79

1st Sun

Band fly Geneva to Paris on Swissair flight SR724

California hotel Paris

2nd Mon               Le Stadion; Paris audio     Par Can

3rd Tue

Crew travel, Paris to Barcelona, 650 miles plus border crossing, 10 hours

Band fly Paris to Barcelona, Air France flight

princess sofia hotel Barcelona

4th Wed

Day off

princess sofia hotel Barcelona

5th & 6th Thu         Pabellon Club Juventud; Barcelona audio            Par Can

Barcelona to Madrid, 400 miles, 5 hour

7th Sat                Pabellon deportivo del real; Madrid       Par Can

Miguel angel hotel Madrid

8th Sun

FEE WAYBILL; BBC radio 1 "Star Special" London

bootleg audio

Taped broadcast of Fee playing 2 hours of his favourite music

11th Wed             Sophia Gardens Pavilion ; Cardiff          Par Can

12th Thu              Colston Hall; Bristol cancelled

Day Off / Travel.  Cardiff to Portsmouth.

13th Fri               GuildHall; Portsmouth audio          Par Can

14th Sat              Arts Centre Wessex Hall; Poole  Par Can

15th Sun              New Theatre; Oxford      Par Can

Oxford to London

Kensington royal gardens hotel London

16th Mon

Band and Crew fly London to New York City, Pan Am flight 00


UK / European Tour Crew & Equipment Credits

Rikki Farr  -  band manager

Bernie Boyle  -  tour manager

David Eric Mellott  -  stage manager

Steven "Chopper" Borges  -  props manager

Lee Hanks Collins  -  guitar technician

Sharon Collins  -  wardrobe mistress / dancer

Leroi Lausch  -  keyboard technician

Manu Dajee  -  drums / percussion tech

Michael Laghaney (Par Can) -  carpenter

Tommy Beck  -  lighting director

Bob Birch  -  rigger / lighting technician

Simon Tutchener  -  lighting technician           

Michael "Rat" Abbott  -  f.o.h. sound engineer

Phil Price  -  monitor engineer

Max Norman  -  sound tech / boffin

Baz Marshall  -  truck driver

Steve "Wing Co" Collison  -  truck driver

Mick Buckett  -  crew bus driver

Geoff Lawrence  -  band bus driver

Susie Powis  -  swag(wo)man

Anna  -  swag(wo)man

T.F.A. Electrosound  -  sound & lights

Edwin Shirley Trucking  -  trucks

Len Wright Travel  -  buses

18th Wed             Central Park Wolland Rink; New York City NY audio



August ‘79

15th Wed              Griffith Park Greek Theatre; Los Angeles CA

                                    Live At The Greek"  video


September ‘79

7th Fri

Band fly San Francisco CA to Tokyo

sun route hotel Tokyo

8th Sat

Day Off

sun route hotel Tokyo

9th Sun

Day Off

sun route hotel Tokyo

10th & 11th Mon          Nakano-ku san puraza hohru; Tokyo TV Broadcast

12th Wed             Kita-ku fesitubaru hohru; Osaka audio

grand hotel Osaka

13th & 14th Thu           Minato-ku yubin chokin kaikan; Tokyo audio video

15th Sat              kokusai tenjijo; Nagoya

miyako hotel Nagoya

16th Sun

Band fly Tokyo to San Francisco CA

Tubes News (Hand Written)


“Evening Magazine” SF KPIX 5


Hollywood Squares” SF KGO Channel 7 TV, Spooner, Steen, Waybill



October ‘79

STERN Magazine (German) October 4th , article & photos (Amsterdam ’79), pg;30 & 31


Hollywood Squares” LA ABC TV, Spooner, Steen, Waybill



“Juke Box” SF KRON Channel 4. Fee Waybill guest host.


“Juke Box”. LA KCOP Channel 13. Fee Waybill guest host.


December ‘79

“Remote Control Review” New Music Express Magazine (German), pg;54


Hollywood Squares” LA ABC TV, Spooner, Steen, Waybill



circa 1979 Henry J. Keiser; Oakland Ca


Xanadu, Paramount Pictures

“Xanadu, the Illustrated Story”, Marvel Super Special Magazine, 1980, Universal City Studios, Inc

band illustrated in this special addition.

Tubesnews Winter 1980/81 (Hand Typed!)

“Video Review” Pop Pix (UK), pg: 40

“Lyrics: Talk To Ya Later” Pop Pix (UK), pg: 2

"SUFFER FOR SOUND"  Recorded at

Tubesound  -  San Francisco CA

Never released

January ‘80

2nd - 7th Wed        Roxy Theatre 500 cap.; Hollywood CA 2 shows each night


7th Mon

bootleg audio - 1st show - released as "Suffer For Sound Live"

10th Thu              Dooley’s Club; Tempe AZ 2 shows

11th & 12th Fri        Cattleman’s ballroom; San Diego CA audio and video



10th Mon              Bimbo's; San Francisco CA audio

                                    Fee and Bill perform with Todd RUNDGREN'S UTOPIA



5th Sun               Palace of Fine Arts; San Francisco CA


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