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Par Can's Tube Time Line


NOW recorded at: His Masters Wheels; San Francisco; Record Plant; Hollywood,

Record Plant; Sausalito, Funky Features; San Francisco CA. During the recording of the "Now" album, the band performed a punishing schedule of 2 shows a night every night for three weeks at The Roxy Theatre (500 cap.)in Hollywood CA, before heading off to the studio to continue recording during the "graveyard shift".  A schedule to sort the men from the boys, also one to guarantee the desire to commit murder.

It was around this time that the band parted ways with managers Daniel "Mort” Moriarty and Gary Peterson aka "Bag O' Bucks" and were introduced to future manager Rikki Farr.


February ‘77

14th Mon              Convention Centre Memorial Auditorium; Stockton CA

Bill Graham presents the band with a plaque with the inscription "Tuba or not Tuba"


March ‘77

25th Fri               Whiskey a Go Go; Hollywood CA

“The Tubes: Whiskey a GO GO Show”, N.M.E (UK),

Steve Clarke


April ‘77

“Tubes’ Defiantly More than Sound” Sacramento Bee Newspaper,

 John V. Hurst


14th – 30th Thu      Palace of Fine Arts; San Francisco CA audio video

Unknown              Bimbo’s; San Francisco CA

      MINGO'S MONDO ROJO REVUE: Prairie Prince, Roger Steen, Vince Welnick,

      Kenny Ortega, Debbie Ortega, Eddie Colon (Santana), David Rice (Automatic Man),

            Bobby Scott (Maze), Le Roy Jones, Dizzy Heights, Fee Waybill, Cycle Sluts,

“Mingo’s Mojo Review” San Francisco, S.F Chronicle,

Joel Selvin

25th Mon

A&M Records release “NOW” in the USA and Canada. Reaches # 122 in the Rolling Stone chart.

Review of one of the recent shows at the Whiskey appears in music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)

NOW reviewed in weekly music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)


June ‘77

10th Fri               Aladdin Centre; Las Vegas NV

11th Sat              Warner’s Theatre; Fresno CA

“Tubes for Rockfest?” News Desk N.M.E. (UK)

12th Sun              Civic Auditorium; Santa Cruz CA          CMB

13th Mon              National Guard Armoury; Medford OR

14th Tue              Paramount Theatre; Seattle WA

15th Wed             Paramount Theatre; Portland OR

16th Thu              P.N.E. Coliseum; Vancouver BC

19th Sun              Anaheim County Stadium;  Anaheim CA video

                                    ALICE COOPER / The KINKS / The TUBES /

                                    NAZERETH / FLO and EDDIE

“Tubes Début Tour Plans” N.M.E. (UK)

“Tubes: UK Gigs Confirmed” N.M.E. (UK)



July ‘77

27th Wed             Dane County Exposition Centre Coliseum;

                        Madison WI

                                                ALICE COOPER / The TUBES

29th Fri                     Civic Auditorium; Omaha NE

                                                ALICE COOPER / The TUBES

30th Sat              American Royal Centre Kemper Arena; Kansas City MO

                                    ALICE COOPER / The TUBES

31st Sun              W.S.U. Henry Levitt Arena; Wichita KS

                                    ALICE COOPER / The TUBES


August ‘77

25th Thu              Milwaukee Arena Bruce Hall; Milwaukee WI

                                    ALICE COOPER / The TUBES


September ‘77

8th Wed             Art for Arts Sake Gallery; San Francisco CA

                             "Too Tubes" Cotten / Prince exhibition (through October 16th)


After 2 years of trying, dates are finally announced for the bands first tour of the UK.

Seven shows in six cities, the two London shows to be recorded for a live album.

Tickets priced at £1.50 £2.00 £2.50 with an additional £3.00 in London

White Punks On Dope, What Do You Want From Life and Don't Touch Me There released as a 12" E.P. in the UK & Europe by A & M.  A 7" version was released at a later date.


October ‘77

21st Fri                Freeborn Hall; Davis CA

“The Tubes…Super Musicians Behind Flashy Camp”, Sacramento Bee,

 Deborah Nikkel Waller

22nd Sat              Laxon Auditorium; Chico CA

“Tubes Set November” MELODY MAKER (UK)


25th Tue              Lance County Fairgrounds Convention Centre Auditorium; Eugene OR

26th Wed             Convention Centre Coliseum; Spokane WA

27th Thu              U.B.C. War Memorial Arena; Vancouver BC

28th Fri               Paramount Theatre; Seattle WA

“White Punks On Dope, Don’t Touch Me There,

What Do You Want From Life?” 12” EP (A&M) released UK.


29th Sat              Paramount Theatre; Portland OR

30th Sun              Concord Pavilion ; Concord CA

31st Mon              Centre for the Performing Arts; San Jose CA

“Tubes Dates Confirmed” RECORD MIRROR (UK)

“Beware: The Tubes Are On Their Way” SOUNDS (UK)


November ‘77


“Shock Rock Flies In…Quuietly”  LONDON EVENING STANDARD (UK)

“Laurianna, Re, Cindi“ picture by Bill Howard


6th Sun                City Hall; Newcastle

                                    support act: Wire

Cindi Osborn, Re Styles, Mike Cotten and Kenny Ortega

interviewed by Kevin for Newcastle based fanzine

"Out Now".

“Loonies Attack New Castle!” Out Now No. 7 Hugh, New Castle

Review. Note review mentions not meeting the band for the interview.


“Tubes Send It Up All Along the Line” LONDON EVENING STANDARD (UK)

Charles Catchpole; Pictures Graham Wood


7th Mon               Free Trade Hall; Manchester      Par Can

                                    support act: Wire

8th Tue                BBC “Old Grey Whistle Test” studio; London TV show

                                    band perform "God Bird Change" and "White Punks On Dope"


Par Can “Nicked” for Jay-Walking on Highway;

New Castle, Summoned to Bury Magistrates’ Court

to answer for charges of: s.13 of the Road and

Regulations Act of 1967 & s.12 of the Highway Act, 1959.


10th Thu              Odeon Theatre; Birmingham       Par Can

                                    support act: Wire

Roger interviewed by Dave Seal for UK music mag "Nuggets".

Front cover pic and 6 page interview appeared in edition #9, January 1978.

During the interview, Roger became involved in a "dispute" with the hotel manager.


11th & 12th Fri       Hammersmith Odeon; London     Par Can

                                    support act: Wire

                              Released as: "What Do You Want From Live"

“Triumph for the Tubes” REVIEW (UK) Birmingham show review.

Geoff Ward,

“Less Outrage, More Music Please!” REVIEW (UK) Birmingham show review.

Ken Lawrence

“Never A Dull Moment” SOUNDS (UK),

Tony Mitchell

“Hung With Their Own Whip, Chain Saw Gang, Tubes Let Violence Hide Talent”  BIRMINGHAM NEWS

Keith Howitt

“Nice Boys” Rock  What’s On In London 11/11/77



13th Sun              Guild Hall Portsmouth cancelled

Day Off in London

“Tubes Forced out of Portsmouth Concert” N.M. E.

“Tubes Banned” SOUNDS Magazine (UK)

14th Mon              U of L Refectory; Leeds cancelled

Day Off / Travel: London to Bristol

Holiday Inn; Bristol

15th Tue              Colston Hall; Bristol

                                    support act: Wire

Holiday Inn Bristol; Bristol to London

Fee and Bill interviewed by by Dave Seal for UK music mag "Nuggets". Front cover pic and 6 page. interview appeared in edition #9, January 1978.

16th Wed             Hammersmith Odeon; London audio

                        support act: Wire



19th Sat

Cover pic and review of London shows by Michael Oldfield appears in weekly music paper "Melody Maker" (UK)

Review of London shows "They Came, They Outraged, They Conquered" by Paul Rambali appears in weekly music paper "N.M.E." (UK)

Review of London shows "Never A Dull Moment" by Tony Mitchell appears in UK weekly music paper "Sounds" (UK)


20th Sun              Congressgabouw; Den Haag audio

21st Mon              Bustard Pavilion ; Paris

22nd Tue              Cirkus Krone ;Munchen audio

Holiday Inn; Schwabling

24th Thu              Gesselschafthaus; Frankfurt am Main

25th Fri               Kant Kino; West Berlin

Park Zellermayer Hotel; West Berlin

26th Sat              Malerma; Hamburg

Eurocrest Hotel; Hamburg

“Censorship Handbill” BIRMINGHAM REDBRICK

29th Tue              Chateau Neuf; Oslo

Ambassador Hotel; Oslo

“Tubes Whip Up Their Fans” Chronicle, (City Hall Review)

Peter Mortimer



30th Wed             Goete Lejon; Stockholm




December ‘77

1st Thu                Odd Fellow Palatiet; Kobenhavn audio

6th & 7th Tue         Hammersmith Odeon; London audio         Par Can

                                    “Special Make Up show for Portsmouth Show.”

      6th Show Sold Out. WPOD 29th this week on UK singles chart.

6th Tue                Tubes In-Store Appearance

                             Virgin Records Marble Arch 12:30pm advertisement



“Tubes at Hammersmith” Daily Mail Review,

Dave Hancock


John Hayward

“The Satirical Tubes Keep on Kidding” Ad Lib PREVIEW (UK),

John Blake

“Roller Coaster Farrago” PREVIEW (UK),

Mick Houghton

“Hammersmith Review” SOUND REVIEW (UK),

David Brown

“The Tubes: Hammersmith London” The MIRROR REVIEW (UK),

Pauline McLeod


“The Tubes: Hammersmith London” The TIMES (UK) First Night Review,

Clive Bennet



“Tubes Return” SOUNDS (UK)



31st Sat               Community Theatre; Berkeley CA 2 shows

The Tubes appear in “ZigZag” magazine #79 (UK)

Rumours circulate in the UK music press of a "guitarist" with The Tubes ( Sputnik) quitting the band.




Band appear on cover of UK music magazine "Nuggets", edition #9, 6 page "Modesty Is For Monks" interview with Fee, Bill and Roger and back page advert for Live album.


January ‘78

Hamburg 1977 Review” New Music Express Magazine (German)



February ’78

Unknown            Sonny and Cher; Los Angeles CA TV Show

                                    Band performed "Mondo Bondage" and "Smoke" with Cher as one of the dancers.

8th – 13th Wed       Palace of Fine Arts; San Francisco CA rehearsals


“Tubes Back Again and Banned Again”  SOUNDS (UK)

“Go Faster With the Tubes” Albums, Record Mirror (UK),

Barry Cain

14th Tue              del mar Theatre; Santa Cruz CA 2 shows          CMB

15th Wed             Civic Centre Memorial Auditorium; Stockton CA

16th Thu              Cal Poly Gymnasium; San Luis Obispo CA

17th Fri               Warner’s Theatre; Fresno CA 2 shows audio

18th Sat              Swing Auditorium; San Bernardino CA

19th Sun              Convention and Performing Arts Centre Fox Theatre; San Diego CA audio

22nd – 26th Wed         Pantages Theatre; Hollywood CA

Kate Jackson & Cher attend show. PCW


What Do You Want From Live” reviewed by Nick Kent in music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)


March ‘78

3rd & 4th Fri          Celebrity Theatre; Phoenix AZ

6th Mon               U.C.B. Mackay Auditorium; Boulder CO

8th Wed               Memorial Hall; Kansas City MO

10th Fri               Aragon Ballroom; Chicago IL

11th Sat              Centre Stage; Milwaukee WI

12th Sun              State Theatre; Minneapolis MN

14th Tue              Circle Theatre; Indianapolis IN

15th Wed             Franklin County Veterans Memorial Auditorium; Columbus OH

16th Thu              Convention Centre Public Hall; Cleveland OH WMM radio  advert

17th Fri               Royal Oak Music Hall; Southfield MI audio

18th Sat              Auditorium Theatre; Rochester NY

19th Sun              Tomorrow Theatre; Youngstown OH

20th Mon              Capitol Music Hall; Wheeling WV

22nd Wed             War Memorial Auditorium; Nashville TN

23rd Thu              Gardens Arena; Louisville KY

25th Sat              Fox Theatre; Atlanta GA

27th Mon              U of M Patio; Miami FL

30th Thu              North Hampton Community College; Bethlehem PA


April ‘78

1st Sat                Century Theatre; Buffalo NY

2nd Sun               Warner’s Theatre; Washington DC 2 shows

3rd Mon               Maple Leaf Gardens; Toronto OT

4th Tue                Royal Oak Music Hall; Southfield MI

7th Fri                 Upper Darby Tower Theatre; Philadelphia PA

8th Sat                Orpheum Theatre; Boston MA

The Tubes appear in music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)

9th Sun               le Roy Concert Theatre; Pawtucket RI audio

11th Tue              Palace Theatre; Albany NY

12th Wed             City Hall Auditorium; Portland ME

14th Fri               Capitol Theatre; Passaic NJ

16th                   Palladium Theatre; New York City

22nd Sat              Eventhaal Groningen

23rd Sun              Congressgabouw; Den Haag

"Rock Around The World" radio broadcast


25th Tue              Congressgabouw de Vereeniging; Nijmegan

26th & 27th Wed     Teatre Carre; Amsterdam

Marriott Hotel Amsterdam

29th Sat              Cirque Royale; Bruxelles cancelled

30th Sun              Cirque Royale; Bruxelles -Make Up Date

Tickets for the UK tour go on sale at the venues.

"I Saw Her Standing There" released worldwide. Original plans to release the single as "Johnny Bugger" on an independent record label were scrapped.



May ‘78         

1st Mon               Colston Hall Bristol cancelled  - Fee loses voice

2nd Tue               Colston Hall Bristol cancelled  - Fee loses voice

4th Thu                Conference Centre; Brighton cancelled

                                    local council workers strike. This was planned as the opening night of this new venue

5th & 6th Fri          Gaumont Theatre; Southampton Par Can

7th & 8th Sun         New Theatre; Oxford      Par Can

9th Tue                de Montfort Hall; Leicester        Par Can

                                    FEE BREAKS LEG (Right Ankle) during "I SAW HER STANDING THERE"

“Tubes Blown; ‘Jinxed’ Tour Is Halted” N.M.E. (UK)

“Tubes...Break a Leg” ROCKET (USA),

Candy McGraw

10th Wed             New Theatre; Coventry cancelled


BBC 2 TV film crew follow band on tour making documentary for "Arena"

20 minutes broadcast later in edited form with film of David Bowie in Berlin

11th Thu

Day Off in London. Plans are made to fly band and crew home to San Francisco CA

12th & 13th           Odeon Theatre; Birmingham cancelled

New Music Express Magazine (UK) May 13th, pg;41

Band and Crew fly London to San Francisco CA

Review of first night in Southampton "Tubes Have It All Tied Up" by Tony Mitchell appears in music paper "Sounds" (UK).  Special mention for "new" segments of the show involving Cowboy Fee.....quote, "you gotta be kinda little to fuck a sheep, but ya gotta be a big, tall man to fuck a cow" and "Terrorist". Review of first night in Oxford by Cliff White appears in music paper "N.M.E." (UK) Concert review appears in music paper “N.M.E.” (UK)


15th & 16th           empire Theatre Liverpool cancelled

Musik Joker Magazine (German) May 16th , article & photos, pg; 22 & 23


18th  & 19th Thu         Free Trade Hall; Manchester cancelled

20th & 21st Sat      Apollo Theatre; Glasgow cancelled Straight Music Advert. PCW

22nd & 23rd Mon          City Hall; Newcastle cancelled

25th – 31st Thu      Hammersmith Odeon; London cancelled Straight Music Advert. PCW


June ‘78

“The Tubes: a Diabolical Look at Life in the Seventies.” Performance  Rolling Stone Magazine,

Paul Nelson

Palladium Theatre Show April 16th  pg; 68


“What Do You Want From Life” Review New Music Express Magazine (German)



September ‘78

3rd Sun                Nashville Rooms; London (The Stranglers) audio    Par Can

                                    FEE performed for 10 to 15 minutes.

5th -7th Tue          Sheperton Studios; London rehearsals audio PCW Itinerary

The Tubes were augmented by UK dance troupe "Hot Gossip" for the Knebworth show.

Todd Rundgren joins rehearsals. Chelsea holiday inn London.

Lighting designer Chris "Crystal" Taylor flies Los Angels CA to London

5th                          A.I.M. Itinerary

                                      Rehearsals – 3pm Sheperton  Studio L (01)


6th                                   Rehearsals – 1pm Sheperton Studio L

                                      Todd Rundgren arrives; Chris Taylor departs- arrive Heathrow.

                                                TRANSPORTATION: Taxi to rehearsals

                                                HOTEL: Chelsea Holiday Inn (01) 235-4377


7th                                   Last Day of Rehearsals Sheperton Studio L 1-9pm

                                      Crew to stay and load out, then drive to Knebworth that very same nite.(SIC)                                            

8th Fri                 Park Concert Bowl; Knebworth load in / sound check

                                    A.I.M. Itinerary

                                                10:00am Stage Call for Band Crew Knebworth

                                                11:00am Band and rest check out of Chelsea Holiday Inn.

                                                            Drive to Knebworth, check into Blakemore-Stevenage (0438) 55821

                                                            2:30pm Rehearsal and Sound Check at Knebworth

                                                8-10pm Walk Thru (w/ no sound)

Blakemore hotel Stevenage

9th Sat                Park Concert Bowl; Knebworth audio       Par Can

                                    The TUBES / FRANK ZAPPA / PETER GABRIEL / The BOOMTOWN RATS / ROCKPILE /

                                    WILKO JOHNSON'S SOLID SENDERS

                                                8am Crew Call

                                                4pm Band Due at gig

                                                8:30 – 10pm Tubes Set

Todd joins band on stage for encore.

10th Sun

                                                7:30am EVERYONE CHECK OUT (except T. Rundgren) of the Blakemore. Drive to Heathrow.

                                                            Depart Heathrow 10:45am          Arrive Amsterdam 12:45pm KLM #124

                                                            Band and Crew go directly to the Hague (@ 2 hour drive)

                                                            8:30 – 10pm Tubes Set

                                                            Drive to Hotel: Hilton

                        Congressgabouw; Den Haag cancelled

Marriott hotel Amsterdam, Day Off. Chelsea Holiday Inn London

11th Mon                                   EVERYONE (except C. Taylor)

                                                10:30am Check out of Hilton

                                                11:30am Arrive at Amsterdam Airport

Depart Amsterdam 12:25pm       Arrive Heathrow 12:25pm PAM #121

(One Hour Travel Time)

Change Plans (Except for R. Farr who stays in London)


Band and Crew fly London to San Francisco CA

16th Sat

“Knedworth Goes Down the Tubes” New Music Express Magazine (UK) September 16th, pg;30 & 31

article & photos,


The Tubes appear in music paper “N.M.E.” (UK).

3 page review of the Knebworth show by Hugh Fielder,

Phil Sutcliffe and Pete Silverton appears in music paper "Sounds" (UK)

“Knebworth Review” Phil Sutcliffe

“It’s Quicker By Tube”

Tony Mitchell


October ‘78

15th Sun

The Tubes appear in “Ciao” magazine (Italy)



“Tubes On the Delta”

31st                   Halloween Show River Manson (Club Lido); Grand River Road CA

                                    Tubes; Lela and the Snakes, Death Review, Dizzy Heights

“The Chic and the Gauche” Sacramento Bee,

Zenobia Jonell Gerald

Halloween Review

November ‘78

“Tubes Enliven Delta Mansion Bash” Sacramento Bee,

John V. Hurst


Tubes News (Hand Written)

20th Mon              Keystone; Palo Alto CA audio video

                        "COWBOY FEE & The HEIFER'S DREAM"

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