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Par Can's Tube Time Line

2004 MLCMB parcanwarehouse




19th                   East ridge High School; Rochester AZ audio

                              Roger Steen, Prairie Prince, David Killingsworth



31st                   Phoenix AZ audio



Unknown              Celebrity Theatre; Scottsdale AZ audio

Unknown              Band World’s Fair / San Francisco Pavilion; Osaka Japan TV Broadcast

                              Red White & Blues Band

Unknown              Unknown; Mexico

                                    Beans & RADAR MEN FROM URANUS


The RED WHITE & BLUES BAND (Roger and Prairie) fire bass player David Killingsworth.  Are unable to perform show in San Francisco so offer it to The BEANS, (Bill, Rick, Vince and drummer Bob McIntosh) but only if Roger and Prairie can perform as well.  The set included R.W.B. Band roadie Fee Waybill singing "Up On The Roof", "Eight Miles High" and Frank Zappa's "Trouble Coming Every Day".  Bill sang everything else.



Unknown              Tucson AZ audio



The BEANS & The RED WHITE & BLUES BAND  -  both bands merge to become The Tubes

The Tubes  -  numerous shows in and around San Francisco CA, especially at the "Presidio" naval base and audition nights at The Fillmore West.



February ‘73

13th & 14th Tue      Ace of Cups; Redwood City CA


March ‘73

1st & 2nd Thu         Town & County Lodge; Felton CA

May 4th Fri           the Village; San Francisco CA

                                    support act:       The Pointer Sisters

June ‘73

2nd Sat                    Kezar stadium San Francisco CA

                                    (Led Zeppelin / Roy Harper / Tubes / Lee Michaels)

15th                   the village San Francisco CA

                                    support acts: Hoodoo Rhythm Devils / Geoffrey

                                    Pristine Condition / Paula Pucker & the Pioneers


July ‘73

4th - 6th               the Palace Kings; Beach CA

                                    support act: Mr SCIENCE

10th -15th            the Palace Kings; Beach CA

                                    support act: Mr SCIENCE

28th & 29th Sat      the Village; San Francisco CA

                                    support act: Pristine Condition / Scrumbly

September ‘73

4th - 6th Tue          the matrix; San Francisco CA

                                    support act: New York Dolls / Pristine Condition

28th & 29th Fri       Uncle Sam’s; Sebastopol CA


October ‘73

City Magazine, Cover (Fee), pg:24 & 25

4th Thu                the Bodega; Bodega Bay CA

5th & 6th Fri          Chateau Liberte; Los Gatos / Santa Cruz, CA

7th Sun                the Orphanage; San Francisco CA

9th -14th Tue         Boarding House; San Francisco CA

19th & 20th Fri       Inn of the Beginning; Cotati CA


November ‘73

9th & 10th Fri         Long Branch Saloon; Berkeley CA

17th & 18th Sat      Uncle Sam’s; Sebastopol CA


13th Thu             Wally Heider Studios; San Francisco Ca

Recording with Stephen Barncard. Released as "Dawn Of The Tubes" in 2000


31st                    Winterland ballroom; San Francisco CA audio

                                    JOURNEY (Prairie)

Time Line continued through 2003
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