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Industries Served

  • Vacuum equipment OEM’s

  • Optical Coating Companies

  • Solar Cell Companies

  • Universities

  • Research and Development Institutions

  • National Laboratories

  • US Federal Government

  • Hermetic Sealing Companies

DOW CORNING Silicone High Vacuum Grease $21.95

DOW CORNING Silicone High Vacuum Grease 976V Stopcock $21.95

Thin Film Depostion (PVD) Automation and High Vacuum Service

All vacuum coating equipment manufacturers

Providing electron beam, thermal source evaporation and vacuum metalizing equipment and process controls for the thin film depostion markets. Designers & manufacturers of fully automated e-beam evaporation systems for thin film deposition. We can service a wide range of PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition equipment and Custom Vacuum Systems for the electronics, academics, optical, solar energy, medical, automotive, military and related high technology industries. 

Vacuum chambers, planetaries & bell jars and thermal evaporators.  Specializing in machine automation and process controls for evaporation, sputtering and metalizing systems.   

Including: Used pvd coating machines for sale

Equipment rebuilds & modifications, PLC Automation, Helium high vacuum leak detection services, set-ups & installations

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Stokes High Vacuum Metallizers


Balzers 760 PVD High Vacuum Coating System

The Handbook of Vacuum Technology

The Handbook of Vacuum Technology consists of the latest innovations in vacuum science and technology with a strong orientation towards the vacuum practitioner. It covers many of the new vacuum pumps, materials, equipment, and applications. It also details the design and maintenance of modern vacuum systems. The authors are well known experts in their individual fields with the emphasis on performance, limitations, and applications rather than theory. There are many useful tables, charts, and figures that will be of use to the practitioner.

  • User oriented with many useful tables, charts, and figures of use to the practitioner

  • Reviews new vacuum materials and equipment

  • Illustrates the design and maintenance of modern vacuum systems

  • Includes well referenced chapters

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