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Vacuum Metallizing

TTL Automaton Corp
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A Thin Film Deposition Automation and High Vacuum Service

Sputtering, E-beam & Thermal Evaporation PVD

Designers & Manufacturers of Fully Automated E-Beam Evaporation Systems for Thin Film Deposition.  Vacuum Chambers, Planetaries & Bell Jars and Thermal Evaporators.  Specializing in Machine Automation and Process Controls for Evaporation, Sputtering and Metalizing Systems.   

Vacuum Equipment Including:

Box Coaters, Bell Jar Systems, Metalizers, Batch & In-Line Sputtering Systems, Cryogenic & Mechanical Pumps and Helium Leak Detectors.

Services include:

Equipment Rebuilds & Modifications, PLC Automation, Vacuum Pump Rebuilds, Helium Leak Detection Services.  Equipment Rentals.  Set-Ups & Installations.

New and Used Refurbished High-Vacuum Equipment

We Stock Cryopumps, cryo pump parts, vacuum chambers, vacuum parts, vacuum equipment, vacuum valves, vacuum gauges, edwards vacuum pumps, vacuum pumping components, rotary vane, oil sealed, and rotary piston pumps, pumps by alcatel, leybold, stokes, balzers, and welch are all in stock.

We have turbo molecular pumps, dry pumps, diffusion pumps, ion pumps, pre owned vacuum pumps, large turbomolecular pumps, CTI cryo pumps, ion guns, e guns, and KF valves, that can be purchased in as-is condition or fully rebuilt. Ultra high vacuum systems include: vacuum evaporators, e beam evaporators, sputtering systems, vacuum furnaces, ebeam power supplies, sputter coaters, helium leak detectors and other thin film deposition PVD systems.

Field Service : Leak Detection , System Trouble shooting , Installs

As a service we offer On Site Servicing and Commissioning by our Field Service Engineers, we have over 25 years experience in the Vacuum Industry servicing vacuum pumps and a wide variety of other vacuum equipment.


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