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Our Company has been in business since Feb. of 2009 and has been doing business with some of the largest companies in the country, also assisting other large security companies with there needs in Wisconsin. Law Firms from other states and in Wisconsin, and private party investigation. We have also been in the security and investigative business for 15 years each. We have gone through a variety of training and schooling to assist us in our profession.
We have designed our company to meet the needs of our clients in a safe and professional manner. We have extensive experience in security supervision and management along with many years of investigating and interviewing subjects. Have managed 2 of the milwaukee areas security companies prior to starting our own business.
Are Security agents, Investigators, and guards are all Off duty Firefighterd, Sheriffs, Military and/or have there criminal justice degrees, have all the state licensing and firearm certifications, and extensive experience in the security field.
We have experience in uniformed security,plain clothed security, Personal Investigations, Personal Protection, Armed Security, Internal Investigations for businesses, Surveillance, Loss Prevention, Event Security, and CCTV Installation and maintenance.
It is our goal to provide work place safety, assist companies with investigating employee theft and illeagle activities yet keepeing a curtious, professional, and safe enviroment for our customers, there clients, and employees.
Michael Stoebich
Lance Tardiff
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Private Investigators

PAWLI Members
Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators

We hope you will find the service you are looking for on this site. We look forward to working with you.

T & S Security Professionals
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T&S Security Professionals
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53220