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Shana's You Can't Buy Me Love, CD, RN, RA, RE, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, CGC, TT
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Cash perfecting the retrieve at 9 weeks

Cash came to us from LeAnn and Louis Shank in Bellwood, PA, home of Shana Schnauzers. LeAnn and Louis have been breeding and raising Champion Schnauzers since 1987. Cash is from a long line of Champions, and some day he may get the CH in front of his name too.
Dam: (Hanna)
CH Shalimar-N-Shana's Hoochi Hanah
Sire: (Jay)
CH Shana's Carbon Copy
Cash has a bright future ahead. He has been showing in conformation and has 5 Championship points. We need 2 majors and 10 points to get the CH. Look for Cash in the Breed ring this spring. We are also working on Obedience, and agility. He will start compteting in both venues in the spring of 2006, and hopefully we will have some titles to report at the end of 2006. Cash may also get into Carting and Herding as time and money allow.
Just an update on Cash Man....He has been working hard in Obedeince and will hopefully be working on his CDX this Spring....We are staring to work on Utility skills as well, and he will start agility again in the spring,taking the winter off for Obedience training....Cash has been Neutered, his conformation career over with only 5 points, but we are not disappointed, as he is still the best in our eyes. 

Cash's Titles to Date:
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Temperament Test
Championship points earned: 5

Cash weaving at Little York
Photo by wendi Pencille of Horsefeathers Photography