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Favorite links
Esmond's U Light My Fire, CGC
Shana's You Can't Buy Me Love, CD, RN, RA, RE, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, CGC, TT
Big Creek's Canyon River Stone, UD, CDX, Am./ Can. CD, RN, RA, RE, NJP, CGC, TT, Therapy Dog
Rainbow Bridge
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this page include links to sites that I enjoy for their educational content, their humor, or as personal interest pertaining to my hobbies.

Here are some links that I check out regularly

The following links are to American Rottweiler Club and Colonial Rottweiler Club, the parent club and a regional club for Rottweiler owners/breeders, etc. I belong to both of these clubs, and both are code of ethics organizations.

American Rottweiler Club

Colonial Rottweiler Club

I started a new hobby of embroidery. Here are some sites I often go to for new designs, and ideas on what projects to do next.



Embroidery Library

The following links are to health organizations. On these sites you can research problems that effect your breed, look up familial history to some extent, and see what screening tests have been done for a given dog. I use this often when researching pedigrees, but a word of warning. These are semi-open data bases, which means if the dog's owner does not want "bad" results to appear, they DON'T. Owners must specially request that good and bad results be posted. 

Orthopedic Foundation for animals


The following links are other Rottweiler breeders. They are included because I have researched them, and like their dogs.

Enter here to visit Phantomwood Rottweilers

Esmond Rottweilers

Want to learn about Veterinary Technician programs and courses online, visit the following links

Cedar Valley College