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Esmond's U Light My Fire, CGC
Shana's You Can't Buy Me Love, CD, RN, RA, RE, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, CGC, TT
Big Creek's Canyon River Stone, UD, CDX, Am./ Can. CD, RN, RA, RE, NJP, CGC, TT, Therapy Dog
Rainbow Bridge
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Tammy's Lil' Girl Kasha, A/C CD, Am. CDX, CS, CGC, TDI

Kasha came to me in June of 1996. She had a super sweet temperament, was smart and ever willing to please. We didn't start really working until Kasha was nearly 2 years old, but what she lacked in early training she made up for in ease of training. We breezed through Novice Obedience pretty quickly. We moved on to Open. Kasha always seemed to know when she had done what she must. The day after her final leg in Open, she lay down on the long sit, content that she had done her job the day before.
Kasha was a true ambassador for the Rottweiler breed. She earned her TDI certification and visited with special needs children at a local school, for 4 years. She also visited patients on the rehab unit of the local hospital for 2 years. Kasha was always willing to please. She took to carting like a duck to water, and earned her Carting Started title at the 2002 Rottweiler Nationals in Orlando, Florida, with a first place and score of 95 (all 5 points taken off for were for handler error).
Kasha went to the rainbow bridge on August 2nd 2004. She, like so many of our beloved breed developed a bone tumor, and peacfully went to rainbow bridge at home, with the help of friend Anne Shakespeare, DVM. WE MISS YOU KASHA!


Tammy's Lakota Lil' Warrior, CD, CGC, Therapy Dog

Lakota was my first Rottweiler. He came to me in 1995, as a hellacious 8 week old puppy. He was a challenge, as he had a very dominant personality, and was very outgoing in nature. We had many a disagreement about how things were going to be done. Had it not been for Lakota being my first dog, I'm not sure I could have handled another Rottweiler...but he taught me what it means to be a Rottweiler owner, and what it means to have true strength of character.
Lakota had a short life, but in his short time on earth, he earned his Companion Dog (CD) title. We were working toward his CDX when he developed Immune Mediate polyarthropathy, and had to be retired from Obedience competition. He spent his time, when not competeing, doing therapy work for kids with special needs. He excelled at this, and became an ambassador to the breed in his gentleness and love for children. Lakota went to the Rainbow bridge on December 11th 2000, after a nine month battle with Lymphoma. Despite his diagnosis of Cancer in March of 2000, he continued to visit the kids at Racker Center, and continued to shine brightly as a Rottweiler star. WE MISS YOU LAKOTA! 

C-KEL's Eastern Storm, CD, RN, RA, CGC, TT, Therapy Dog

Twister came from Cindy Liebert of C-KEL Rottweilers, in Lisbon Ohio. Twister is from a long line of over achivers on both sides of the pedigree.
V-1, Multi-Award of Merit, A/C CH C-KEL's A Cause for Applause, A/C CD, OA, OAJ, PT, CGC, TDI
Sire: (Corydon)
CH, OTCH, CT, Phantomwood Corydon Dreu, UDX5, TDX
Twister a super star at 5 1/2 months she was already super focused, hard working, quick to learn new tasks, and very forgiving. She was destined to be a therapy dog, and do obedience work.
Twister had some orthopedic problems, diagnosed with luxating patellas at 11 weeks, and elbow surgery at 7 months for a Fragmented Coronoid Process (FCP). These did NOT slow her down.
If the above terms are unfamiliar to you in Rottweilers, hit the links page and go to Orthopeadic Foundation for Animals. There is more info there on both Luxating patellas and FCP.
Unfortuneatey we lost Twister at just 3 1/2 years young to a mysterious brain condition, still undiagnosed, but which left her blind and unconscious. We Miss Twister very much and know that at the bridge she is happy, young, whole and sound again.

Twister at 2 years
Picture by The Winning Image, Sande and Tom Weigand

Twister's Titles to Date:
RN (June 2006)
RA (Sept 2006)
 American Companion Dog title (CD) March 2007
Temperament Test (TT) May 2007 at CRC Specialty
active Therapy dog with Cornell Companions

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