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August 16th-19th
Cash cleans up at Cato agilty trials. On Thursday he earns his first Novice Fast (NF) leg with a secong place. Friday brought home 2 more ribbons for his 2nd Novice Fast leg (4th place) and his 2nd leg is Open Standard (1st place). Saturday brought us our final Open Jumpers leg to complete his OAJ title (1st place), and Sunday we earned the last Open Standard leg to finish his OA and also received 1st place for that. Thank You Chris Dewey and Jean Munger for soem great judging and the best courses we have run in some time. We also made our debut Sunday in Excellent A jumpers, and if I don't say so myself, WE did a fantastic job.....missed a Q by just a wayward tunnel entrance, I managed to get where I needed to (no small feat considering htis dog's increasing speed) AND Cash worked his heart out for me. We are finaly gettingt he teamwork together. We're moving up to excellent for both standard and jumpers for next weekend, check back to see the results.  

July 28th/29th
Stone completed his Rally Excellent title, and a bumper leg. We didn't place, but had a great time. We are 1 leg away from that UD.... 3 trials coming up in September and we are prepped and ready.... 

May 8th 2007 CRC Specialty **News Flash**
Stone takes first place in utility A with a 186 at the specialty, and earns another UD leg under Judge Jerry Iermerio....
Twister earns her TT certificate (Temperament Test) with a stellar performance
April 1st 2007
Twister recieved a bumper leg toward her CD, under Judge Jerry Iermiero, with a score of 184.5 and 1st place.
March 30th 2007
Stone recieved the first qualifying score in utility A, under judge Jerry Iermiero with a score of 191. UD leg number 1....
Twister recieved the 3rd and final leg toward her CD today under Judge Corradu (Dino) Gadaleta.
Feb 28th 2007
Welcome Esmond's Iza X Gabe litter yellow girl. She is called Esmond's U Light My Fire, known as Flare!  We have lots of plans for this little girl, and hope that she will be a fire ball......

Sunday, Nov. 19th 2006
Twister tried again for a second CD leg, and walked away a winner.  She is 2 for 2 for her CD, and improved by a whole 5 points from Friday. She worked her heart out, and was very happy and energetic in the ring.  Her score was a 185.5 and again she earned HS Rottweiler. Yeah Twister!
Stone earned the final leg he needed to earn his Rally Advanced title. He did so in fine fashion with an 89. He kept popping up on a station that requires him to move form position to position without standing in between...OH well, he again displayed his great heeling and enthusiasm for work! Thanks Stone for a GREAT weekend!
Saturday, Nov. 18th 2006
Stone was the only dog showing this day from my house, but got his second qualify score for his Rally Advanced title, with a beautiful score of 96. We had to repeat a station, and he went a little wild over the jump, but he was very energetic, and his heeling superb. We can't wait to get back in the Utility ring. Again, MANY compliment on his style, and attitude. 
Friday, Nov. 17th, 2006
Syracuse cluster of shows have come and gone again with good news to report.
Twister got the first leg of her CD on her first try. Her score was 180.5, not bad for a dog with severe orthopedic problems. She has a great heart though, and worked very hard for me. She also earned HS Rottweiler in the trial, and brought home a lovely leash.
Stone received the first of 3 qualifying scores toward his Rally Advanced title. He did a great job, and although I messed up a station, he was on! We got many nice compliments on his attitude and style. Score was an 85

Sept 30th 2006, Cash earns his first Open Standard leg in agility, with a 95 and 1st place, as the ONLY 16 inch dog to qualify that run. Cash and Twister also earn their final RA leg and the RA title.
Sept. 29th, 2006 Cash and Twister both earn their second RA leg toward the Rally Advanced title.
Sept. 28th 2006. Cash earned his 2nd Open Jumpers leg with a 2nd placement, and his first Rally Advanced (RA) leg.Twister also earned her first RA leg.

August 21st 2006
Cash earned the final leg he needed to complete his Novice Standard agility title. He did it in fine fashion with a clean run and 1st place.

August 19th 2006
Cash had another double Q weekend at the Cato trials.  First he gained another Novice Standard leg, with Fourth place, under judge Christine Dewey. Then....came Open Jumpers. He earned his first Open jumpers leg with a perfect 100, and a time of 31 seconds on a 45 second course, again under judge Christine Dewey. He received 4th place for that leg as well. We compete at Susquenango trials next weekend and hope to finish up that Novice standard title in time for Wine Country at the end of September.

August 5th 2006
Cash earned his NAJ title at the Little York agility trials put on by the Central New York Shetland Sheepdog Club, under judge Don Skibniewski. He took 3rd place with a score of 95.
We missed an NA leg by a teeter fly off.....Our next trials are coming up on August 19th, when Cash will be entered in Open Jumpers. 
June 25th, 2006
Cash earned the 2nd of 3 required Novice B Jumpers with Weaves agility legs this afternoon, under Cynthia Kean with a CLEAN RUN, and 3rd place. He had a beautiful standard run, but got VERY excited and bailed the A-Frame, and had fun running in and out of the tunnel on the course.Next trial is July 8th, at SOTC
June 22nd 2006
Cash earned the first leg on his Novice B Standard agility title with a 1st place and a score of 90, under Pamela Cox.
Cash then Double Q'd to earn his first Novice B Jumpers with Weaves leg, with a 2nd place and a CLEAN RUN!, again under Pamela Cox.

June 11th 2006, SOTC Obedience and Rally Trials
Today was a very successful day in the Obedience and Rally rings, for the Snyder pack.
Stone earned his Rally Novice Title (RN), with a perfect score of 100 and 1st place... to make him, Big Creek's Canyon River Stone, CDX, Can. CD, RN, NJP, CGC
Twister also earned her Rally Novice (RN) title today, making this her first official Obedience title. She received a score of 94. She is now,
C-KEL's Eastern Storm, RN, CGC
Cash also earned his Rally Novice (RN) title today, with a perfect score of 100, and second place in the Rally Novice B class. He is now, Shana's You Can't Buy Me love, CD, RN, CGC
Cash also earned a bumper leg for his CD, scoring a 191. We had a run-off for 4th place, and he decided to get the zoomies, so no big rosette, but he had a good time, and we did well despite all the outside distractions.
The summer is just begining and there are many more opportunities for these kids to shine. Thanks for a WONDERFUL and FUN weekend.

April 9th 2006
Cash obtained the 3rd and final leg needed to earn his American CD title. He received a score of 194.5 and earned first place. HORRHAY CASH!

March 30th and April 1st, and 2nd
Cash earned the first 2 of 3 legs required to obtain the title of Companion Dog (CD), both legs with 3rd placements and with scores of 188.5 and 195.5 respectively. He will compete for leg 3 this weekend at the DOTCORNY trials. Cash also recieved the first 2 legs of his Rally Novice title....
April 1st and 2nd
Stone earned the first 2 legs of 3 required to earn his Rally Novice title. We are hoping to finish at the National and move up to and finish the advanced level at Nationals as well.
March 30th and March 31st
Twister, just 15months old earned 2 Rally novice legs with scores of 92 and 97, she will compete for her 3rd and final leg at the Rottweiler National coming up in May.
October 2nd 2005
Stone earned the 3rd and final leg of his Novice Preferred Jumpers with Weaves (NJP) agility title, in dramatic fashion. We had a course built for him, with 2 long straightaways at beginning and end, and a couple of tight turns. He completed the course in 25 seconds, allowed time was 40 seconds. He had a clean run, taking a first place ribbon for his title. Judge Crofton looked on.

June 22nd 2005
C-KEL's Eastern Storm, known as Twister earned her first Obedience title. She is now known as C-KEL's Eastern Storm, CGC
for Canine Good Citizen. Her next adventure may be in Therapy work. Look for more titles from this wonderful girl!

Obedience News
June 12th 2005 SOTC trial in Brewerton, NY. Stone earned the final leg of his Open title, to earn his CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title under Judge Jim Grimm, with a 2nd placement, a score of 191, and HS Rottweiler in the trial. It has been a lonnnng agonizing road for us, due to some issues with his STAYS, but WE kept at it, and have worked hard to earn this title. We are ready for Utility... Onward and Upward!  Thanks To ALL of Stone's and my supporters over the years.

June 12th 2005 Judge Jim Grimm

On August 22nd, Stone earmed the first leg toward BOTH his Novice Preferred Standard title, AND his Novice Preferred jumpers title.
On To Wine Country for 2 days of competition.

On Sept 26th, 2004 our last agility run of the last day of the 4-day Wine Country circuit held at Sampson State Park, Stone earned his 2nd leg toward his Novice Preferred Jumpers title, completing the coures 14 + seconds under course time. He needs just 1 more leg  to finish this title.

C-KEL's Eastern Storm, AKA Twister... born Nov. 8th 2004, newly arrived Jan 4th 2005.
Look for news of her upcoming achievements soon.

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