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In my quest to find Nancy Drew books and memorabilia for my private collection, I started picking up other children's books. Thus, spawned BEV'S BOOKS & COLLECTIBLES over 5 years ago. I now have over 5,300 books, games, puzzles, and collectibles. I sell via mail order, at shows, on the internet, and on eBay Auction. To get a listing of items that I have on auction at eBay, first go to . Then under Search, go to By Seller and type in my email address which is . Please note all books are HARDBACK unless otherwise stated (Ex: Paperback; Softsided; Hardboard). I am a tough grader with VG being the highest grade.  Books graded [G] are probably better than you think.

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Note: If you don't find any books when searching by series, try typing in the name like
Linda Craig. If I only had one title in a series, I may have it listed under Girls or Boys Misc Category.

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The 11th printing of Farah's Guide - 504 pages, lists 2622 printings of Nancy Drew between 1930 and 1979, including prices on each book and dust jacket. It contains 75 photos of the authors and illustrators, models used for the covers, Nancy Drew collectibles and the oddest items associated with the series. It also includes a photo of the actual ledger page used by Mildred Benson to record her sale of the first Nancy Drew story, and reproduces the earliest known published article mentioning the series (from 1931). The 11th printing will become the bible for all Nancy Drew collectors. Copies of Farah's Guide, 11th printing can be ordered directly for a retail price of $88.00 which includes postage. Email for information. 

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Visit the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall at:

11301 West I-70 Frontage Road (between Kipling and Ward Road)
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034

The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall is open 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. My booth is Colorado 22.

On the TOC page, the Book Category links (A-B, C-G, H-J, K-MI, MO-N, O-R, SA-SU, T-V, and W-Z), under Sales List, will take you to the books listed alphabetically by category of either type of book, subject, author or publisher.

There are many categories so if you don't want to read what they are, skip to the next paragraph.
Book Categories: Big Golden Books & oversized nicely illustrated children's books, Thornton Burgess,A.L. Milne, Curious George, Beatrix Potter ,Big Little Books, Rand McNally & Little Golden books, Big Little Books, Juvenile Magazines, booklets, and/or coloring books,Primers, All Time Favorites, Juvenile, Animal Sports, Western Theme, Whitman's, Girls Series (Helen Boylston, Betty Cavanna, Beverly Cleary, Beverly Gray, Bobbsey Twins, Campfire Girls, Cherry Ames, Donna Parker, Rosamond duJardine, Anne Emery, Janet Lambert, Judy Bolton, Grace Livingston Hill, Peggy Lane Theater Stories, Kay Tracey, Trixie Beldon, Vicki Barr, Mildred Wirt), Gift Box sets, OZ, Raggedy Ann,Walt Disney related Walt Disney stuff, "Black" Related, Boys Series (Bomba. Brains Benton, Danny Dunn, Doctor Dolittle, Hardy Boys, Alfred Hitchcock & the Three Investigators, Howard Garis, Ken Holt, Jack Landon, Power Boys, Rick Brant, Rover Boys, Sandy Steel, Sugar Creek Gang, Tarzan, Tom Swift & the New Tom Swift Jr. Adventures, Boy's Misc. including Air related) Boy Scout, Christian Theme & Song Books, G.A. Henty, Super Hero, Sci-Fi (Star Trek, Star Wars), Motion Picture /TV/Music/Cartoon/Comic Tie In, Mysteries, Airline, Civil War, Firefighting related, Kennedy, Transportation-including motorcycle, British Published Books, and Miscellaneous books. These categories may changes from time to time depending upon inventory.

Most Browsers have a Find Command that allows you to search for specific words on a page. Remember you can search for specific words rather than paging down through my extensive list.

There is now a section called Publisher Book Sets under Sales List. This will be of special interest to all the Home Schoolers. This section contains all the Best In Children's Books, Junior Delux Editions, The Real Book about, All About Books, Childhood of Famous People books, Companion Library Double Editions, We Were There, Landmark, Weekly Readers, and Grosset & Dunlap Signature books, etc.

The Nancy Drew link, under Sales Lists, will take you to books, games, and etc. for sale devoted to the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene.

The Collectible Category links (A-O, P-Z) under Sales Lists, will take you to sewing patterns, paper dolls, Barbie, games, jigsaw puzzles, lunch boxes/thermoses, toys, records, calendars, and annuals. Also, you will now find all Character Related categories such as: Batman, Campbell Kids, Joe Camel, Peanuts, Pink Panther, Raggedy Ann, Scooby-Doo, Smurf, and Superman.

The Catalogues/Paper link under Sales Lists, will take you to old catalogues and other paper items.

The Nancy Drew link, under Want Lists, will take you to my current Nancy Drew want list. Following that list is "most" everything you wanted to know about Nancy Drew books (format, etc.), memorabilia and collectible stuff and Nancy Drew related items but didn't know to ask. I buy, sell, and trade for Nancy Drew "stuff". Let me know what you have.

Under General Info, you will find how to Contact by Email, a Printable Order Form, an On-line Order Form, and a Glossary of Abbreviations.

I am out buying constantly, so this selling list will change frequently. Check back for additions.

I welcome people's WANT LISTS.


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